Drive south from Chulilla along the main road CV towards Sot de Chera. After passing the Balneario Spa, after c/a. 1 km there is very sharp dgr. turn. En la primera intentamos escalar a última hora en la pared principal de Más charreta, reencuentros con los amigos y también escalada. Mula and Leyva. Here you find routes up to 8b+. This site contains some guides:

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User Id or Email: Climbing in Costa Blanca Login in to contribute Help: Climbing in Costa Blanca Benny Jacobsson.

Climbing in Chulilla

Search – Tick List. Neanderthal 9b by Jakob Schubert 1 Find the best winter climbing destinations 4 some problems using the website Lactid acid Hangboarding Chris Sharma in paradise – When it comes natural!

Climbing in Costa Blanca. Login in to contribute.

I have just booked a flight fhulilla Alicante and decide to carry some climbing gear with me this time! I’m going to live in Torrevieja and have car available. Do you think it’s possible to get the Costa Blanca guide from rockfax.


Good clif for beginners 5a-5c close to Torrevieja. I guess wscalada have to climb in early mornings and the evening warm? Thankful for quick answers, Benny.

Sáltatela!!! (Si es necesario)

The Murcia region has kinda shitty climbing possibilities so you definitely want to head for the crags near Alicante. Marin and backside of Forada have good climbs on the easier croquuis.

These places are also a bit higher so climbing there would be possible even later I was there in June three years back and neither of those places was too bad.

I would think it’s almost impossible to find a guidebook from there. Alicante has one climbing shop and having visited it chulilpa week, I remember them having only very limited guidebook section and definitely not rockfax the rockfax costa blanca guidebook is actually pretty good. Sorry for being rude, but saying: Rockfax is a good overview, but is very limited if you like to climb in the region of murcia. It’s up to m high, very well bolted and has multi-pitch and sportsclimbing on the lower end of difficulty.

Should be really warm, but being quite high, it’s defintly better than orihuela and redovan close to your stay.

This is burning hot and people use to go there in november-feb. Murcia also has climbing on the easier side above the town.


But it’s a bit polished and conglomerat rock which is kinda strange. It got 2 sectors with the pared de la presa having routes from b. By the way there is a climbing shop in murcia town.

I try to buy local. And the best sectors, like Vallecito and the cave close to Orihuela you can’t find esclada any guidebook. Since the lokals don’t like englishmen invading the crags they refuse to make guidebooks. There is a ton of very good climbingsectors and crags you jusit have to figure out just by getting to know lokals.

Cherales, Sport climbing | theCrag

Directions to Vallecito I can give by mail. And don’t clamethat Murcia is a bad region. Some of the best and hardest bouldering along the coast you find in Murcia. This site contains some guides:

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