Organizing through an adaptive and progressive system like the CTS applying the MEP programs and different eating habits of CTS Nutrition. CTS Nutrition T+ weekly. 4 raisons qui peuvent expliquer pourquoi: | CTS NUTRITION, Perte de graisse, CTS sante performance et esthetisme | CHRISTOPHE CARRIO.

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In CTS Nutrition I suggest frequent use of smoothies mixing fruits, vegetables, a source of fat and protein powder whey protein isolate, vegetable protein. All foods and make up your smoothie provides a highly qualitative food, practical and consistent with the 10 CTS Nutrition habits that I mention in the book. It is a disease caused by the disruption of the functioning of cells, which enable them to gradually ccts and invade body tissues. Thus all the cells in our body can potentially become carcinogenic.

As soon as a cell external aggression whether caused by a carcinogen, a virus or an excess of free radicals, his first instinct is to interpret the attack as best it can by mutating its genes. Nature is well christophd each cell are also equipped with critical rules. Second rule banning stay alive when damage is detected in the cell structure, particularly at the DNA level.

If the damage is too great, the suicide of the cell is required! Cancer develops when cells or not resigned to their role and does not accept to cooperate with others for the benefit of the whole organism. This cell has become off-the-law and does not respond to commands transmitted by the society in which it operates.

Its sole purpose is therefore to ensure its own survival.

There are 6 major factors signing cancer it is important to know in order to act on it. Ability to cause the formation of new blood vessels angiogenesisallowing the intake of essential oxygen and nutrients to the growth of the cancer cell. All of these features made sure to make cancer cells immortal, able to reproduce indefinitely.

Ability to invade and colonize tissues of the body, first in a localized manner and then spreading form metastases. Many chemicals used or formed by human carcinogens.


Smoothies anticancer CTS Nutrition à tester – Christophe Carrio

Our diet therefore a significant positive or negative influence. Moreover our food, when properly chosen can thwart cancer development.

Here is a list of non-exhaustive eat food every day for their anticancer property: Parsley to its apigenin content alters the gene regulatory process in cancer cells, which has the effect of making them sensitive again to the cell death process.

In practice a beautiful minced parsley handful each day is necessary. Blueberries which one of the molecules, delphinidin, will inhibit angiogenesis by complex mechanisms.

Take Action – Christophe Carrio

A handful chrisotphe blueberries tray 3 or 4 times a week. Cinnamon and cocoa powder for their organic content of proanthocyanidins who also act on angiogenesis, thus helping to maintain microtumors in a latent state preventing them from acquiring the blood vessels necessary for their growth. Moreover proanthocyanidins reduce estrogen synthesis thus counteracting the adverse effects of too high levels of these hormones particularly among men.

A spoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of cocoa powder defatted coffee every day are needed. Citrus fruits for their ability to act directly on cancer cells while increasing the anticancer potential of other phytochemicals that I mention in this article. A whole lemon juice or orange a day.

Grapes or christohe wine one glass per day for resveratrol in them and act on all stages of the development of cancer cells. Turmeric for its curcumin content blocking many factors we have mentioned above in addition to having a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic anti clot in the blood.

A pinch of pepper enough. One tablespoon turmeric minimum coffee per day is necessary. Garlic, onion, shallot whose multiple compounds inhibit cancer development both in their protective action against damage from carcinogens by their ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

A clove of garlic per day or an onion quarter are required. Broccoli and cabbage for their glucosinolate content, sulforaphanes or the indolecarbinol, which prevent carcinogens to cause damage to cells in addition to acting on the estrogen regulating their activities. Green tea preferably Japanese for its content of epigallocatechin gallate EGCG strong anticancer and acting in christkphe use of fat stores.


CTS nutrition – Christophe Carrio – Google Books

Tomatoes and particularly organic tomato concentrate that contains lycopene whose work is remarkable for the fight against prostate cancer. Consume 2 to 3 times per week of tomato concentrate dishes.

Of course the list of anti-cancer agents in food does not stop there! A fast and efficient way to consume fruits and vegetables that I have mentioned in this article is to consume it as a smoothie. The benefit of smoothies is that it requires no cooking, saving time while preserving the anticancer molecules, vitamins and antioxidant.

Take Action – Christophe Carrio | LeanDiet4U

Moreover smoothies allow those who hate vegetables to consume as they are generally associated with a fruity base and so sweet: The flavors are subtle and fun colors if you trust me. The addition of vegetable protein powder rice protein and whey isolate special milk protein will make your stay even more creamy and nutritious smoothie in the morning at breakfast or around a workout a hour before or just after to recover faster.

Smoothie strawberry sweetness CTS: A handful of white cabbage hand sliced a banana frozen the day before lamella 8 frozen strawberries the standby half endive the upper part a cup of green tea infused 10 minutes a teaspoon cinnamon a protein powder dose.

Mix all ingredients in a blender and drink.

Skip to content Loading wait a moment. The six factors for cancer to know: The power against cancer cells: Two smoothies anticancer Nutrition CTS to test: A handful of white cabbage hand sliced a banana frozen the day before lamella 8 frozen strawberries the standby half endive the upper part a cup of green tea infused 10 minutes a teaspoon cinnamon a protein powder dose Mix all ingredients in a blender and drink.

Take Action — Christophe Carrio. Diet to lose weight: Plan of a month.

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