Occurence in the Chicago region: non-native. Etymology: Cucurbita is the Latin name for the gourd. Foetidissima means very foul-smelling. Author: The Morton. General Information. Buffalo Gourd is a perennial, climbing plant producing vigorous annual stems up to 6 metres long from a perennial rootstock. The stems . Cucurbita foetidissima is a PERENNIAL CLIMBER growing to 6 m (19ft 8in) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) It is in flower from July to September, and.

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Plant Database

A frequent cucurbit vine related to cultivated cucumbers in many N. Raw materials Buffalo gourd oil Pumpkin seed oil Squash blossoms. Female flower with immature fruit behind it Photograph by: Retrieved August 22, A Case of Natural Interspecific Hybridization”.

Distinguish from other species of Cucurbita based on its triabgular leaves; other species in the region have deeply lobed leaves.

Somewhat outdated, it has been replaced in by a new dictionary see [ ].


Cucuribta caution is advised, see notes on toxicity[]. The soap is said to be effective in removing stains from clothing[]. The thick grey-green leaves cm long are alternate borne on prostrate 3.

The feral perennial buffalo gourd has evolved in the semiarid regions and is well-adapted to desert environments. Goes into technical details but in a very readable way. There is a report that the root cuxurbita poisonous[].

Cucurbita foetidissima

Based on fossil remains, the fruit of various Cucurbita has been proposed to have been dispersed by mastodons. Cucurbita foetidissima requires little water and grows best in semiarid and arid environments.

From the National Organizations Directory According to the species list provided by Affiliate Organizations, this plant is on display at the following locations: Evolution in the genus Cucurbita. North Carolina State University.

Buffalo gourd oil Pumpkin seed oil Squash blossoms. Swelling can be controlled by seeds and flowers. Also gives other interesting information on the plants.

Plants Profile for Cucurbita foetidissima (Missouri gourd)

Illinois Plant Information Network. Powdered seeds and flowers mixed with saliva to reduce swellings. Publisher Dorling Kindersley, London. Consumptive-use and root yield of buffalo gourd Cucurbita foetidissima HBK “. Cucurbita foetidissima Missouri gourd buffalo gourd calabazilla foetidisdima gourd wild pumkin This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.


History and geographic distribution of Cucurbita pepo gourds in Florida. The University Press of Kansas. Bloom Information Bloom Color: List of gourds and squashes.

Society for the Study of Evolution 18 4: Bean and Katherine Siva Saubel Wed Foeridissima 15 The fruit is cut up and simmered in water to obtain the soap which can be used for removing stains[92]. Smartphone users quickly have information on a plant directly for the pfaf. Prolonged contact can cause skin irritation.

Seed – sow early to mid spring in a greenhouse in a rich soil.

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