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Reference 1a, above provides guidance concerning the eligibility and issuance for federal awards, while reference 1c, provides guidance concerning state awards. Commanders and Awards Boards will review the applicable portions of this pamphlet on a continuing basis in order that members of their commands may be considered for the appropriate level of award.

Each award board will review the criteria for each federal and state award carefully just prior to convening an Awards Board. In peacetime, 6722-1 decorations recognize achievements that have significantly contributed to the readiness and effectiveness of a unit or organization, or have made notable contribution to the morale or esprit de corps of units or organizations.

Exceptional command or leadership of a crew, team, section, squad or similar unit may be considered meritorious achievement or service. Recommendations for awards must be based on specific achievements. The decision to award an individual a decoration, and the decision as to ra award is appropriate, are both subjective decisions made by the commander having award approval authority.

Awards for meritorious achievement or service will not be based ad the grade of the intended recipient, except in those cases where selected grades are ineligible for a particular award. Rather, the award will reflect both the individual’s levels of responsibility and individual’s achievement or service enhanced the pxm or effectiveness of his or her organization will be the predominant factor. No individual is automatically entitled to an award upon departure from an assignment.

Awards presented in conjunction with a permanent change of station will be limited to exceptional cases. Certificates of Achievement and Letters of Commendation or Appreciation are appropriate means to recognize 6722-1 personnel.

No preconditions for an award may be established; for example, when soldiers are informed in advance that attainment of specific goals will result in the automatic pak of given decorations. Military decorations will not be used as prizes in contests.

Once an award is received by the requesting official, it must be issued in a timely fashion to ensure that the recognition for an outstanding accomplishment is not made less significant. Federal awards that are frequently requested are addressed in this chapter in conjunction with AR Each procedure is designed to show who is eligible for each award, the particular standards, and how it is requested and processed.

PAM 672-1 Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register

Each procedure is followed by a sample DA formas well as a sample narrative as applicable. Procedure provides guidance concerning the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Presidential Letter of Appreciation, and spouse recognition. The Legion of Merit is awarded to any member of the United States or of friendly nation who has distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.

The performance must have been such as to merit recognition of key individuals for service rendered in a clearly exceptional manner. Performance of duties normal to the grade, branch, specialty or assignment, and experience of an individual is not an adequate basis for this award.

Service will be for a special requirement or an extremely difficult duty performed in an unprecedented exceptional manner.

WWII Unit Citations & Campaign Participation Credits of the 32nd “Red Arrow” Infantry Division

Justification may accrue by virtue of exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of important positions. DA Formnarrative summary, height and weight statement, and a copy of the soldier’s DA form will be forwarded through channels to this headquarters, ATTN: The award application will then be for signature by the appropriate signature authority and if approved, forwarded to First U. S Army for consideration, if the Adjutant General does not concur he does not have the authority to disapprove or downgrade.


Applications must be submitted to this headquarters at least 90 days in advance of planned presentation date. Normal processing time is 60 days from the time it leaves this headquarters and days for brigadier generals 07 and above. 672–1 exceptionally meritorious service while serving in positions of great responsibility during the period of 12 March through 11 MarchChief Warrant Officer W-4 Charles R. Bono Consistently demonstrated his professionalism, executive management paam and leadership Ability while serving the Army National Guard and the State of New York with great Distinction In key assignments.

While serving as the 42d Infantry Division senior Supply Technician, during the period 12 March through 1 April Chief Warrant officer W-4 Bono was responsible for the extremely, complex transitions of the Division to an automated property book system.

He personally oversaw the highly successful and complex transition, to include the inventory and equipment adjustment review for the entire division. His outstanding technical and management ability was necessary for this successful transition. While serving as assistant pa officer for the th Brigade, 42d Infantry Division, during the period 2 April through 11 MarchChief Warrant Officer W-4 Bono was responsible for coordinating critical support for units deploying for Desert Storm.

He provided for outstanding personnel readiness support to involved soldiers.

New York National Guard Federal Award and Decoration Issuance Procedures

He also provided unparalleled administrative guidance to the brigade staff during the highly successful exercise, “Operation Bold Shift. His psm mission was serving as action officer, for the successful integration of two diverse major command headquarters into the th Support Brigade. Chief Warrant Officer W-4 Bono’s vast knowledge of the complex personnel and logistical systems provided for a highly successful conversion, providing a final noteworthy achievement to his forty-year military career.

The Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of a friendly foreign nation who, while serving in a non-combat area after 16 Januaryhas distinguished himself fa herself by outstanding meritorious achievement or service. AR does not provide any additional criteria information other then that in paragraph a, above. Recognizing that this award is higher in precedence than the Army Commendation medal ARCOMindividuals preparing recommendations must review the criteria necessary for the ARCOM to ensure the soldier’s accomplishment exceeds it’s requirement, therefore warranting an MMS.

The Approval authority for this award is the General occupying the first federalized recognized Major General position in the soldier’s chain of command.

DA form will be prepared Figure and The citation in block 21 of the DA is limited to six lines single-spaced restricted to the space allowed on the DA The narrative description of the meritorious service or achievement for the award of the MMS will be limited to block 20 of the DA Use bullet comments, not paragraphs to describe the achievement s.

A maximum of four achievements may be used. The request will be forwarded through command channels to the applicable major command. Forwarded to this headquarters, ATTN: For each succeeding award a Bronze Oak leaf Cluster will be issued. Upon award of the sixth award is sliver Oak Leaf Cluster will be 6672-1.

The Army Commendation Medal is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, while serving in any capacity with the Army after 6 December distinguishes himself or herself by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service.

General officers are not eligible. Awards may be made for acts of valor performed under circumstances described apm, which are dw lesser degree than required for award of the Bronze Star Medal. It may be awarded for noncombatant related heroism which does not meet the requirement for award of the Soldier’s Medal. Authorization is delegated to the first commanders in the soldier’s chain of command for approval and issuance of the Army Commendation Medal.

The DA will pm prepared see figure a and figure b. The citation in block 21 of DA is limited to six lines single-spaced restricted to the space allowed ra the DA The narrative description of the meritorious service or achievement for award of the ARCOM will be limited to block 20 of the DA form Awards forwarded for STARC personnel must arrive at least 60 days prior to the proposed presentation date.


For each succeeding award a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster will be issued. Upon award of the sixth award a Silver Oak Leaf Cluster will be issued. General Officers are not eligible. Outstanding work performance for a year period is a good example of an achievement warranting an AAM.

Authorization is delegated to the first Lieutenant Colonel in a command position within the soldier’s chain of command for approval and issuance of this medal. A DA Form will be prepared. See Figure a and b. The citation in block 21 of the DA Form is limited to six lines. The narrative description of the meritorious service or achievement for award of the AAM will be limited to block 20 of the DA Form Army Reservewho subsequent to 31 Decemberperformed outstanding volunteer service of sustained, direct and consequential nature.

Authorization is delegated to the first Lieutenant Colonel in the soldier’s chain of command. For each succeeding award a Bronze Service Star will be issued for subsequent periods of community service justifying award of the medal.

The Good Conduct Medal is awarded for Active Duty federal military service to soldiers who distinguish themselves by exemplary conduct, efficiency, and fidelity. It is primarily an enlisted award; however, officer personnel may qualify based on prior enlisted service. Qualifying periods of service must be continuous enlisted active federal military service. A hour break in service renders that portion of service prior to the interruption not creditable.

See AR for specific qualifying periods of service guidance. The approving authority for the Good Conduct medal is the unit commander, and the awarding authority is The Adjutant General. The eligibility of current Title 32 AGR enlisted soldiers is not addressed in ARhowever the National Guard Bureau has directed that the medal continue pxm be processed. For each succeeding award, a device clasps will be issued and attached to the service ribbon.

These devices are bronze to represent each additional award, a silver devices to represent the sixth through tenth award, and gold devices to represent the eleventh through fifteenth award.

AR 672-5-1 Awards

Failure to provide required information would result in the soldier not receiving an award they may be qualified for. This program has been designed to allow for the timely and equitable issuance of the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. This Headquarters administratively issues the award. This award is given for honorable and satisfactory service or being paam, as a pan, in one of four contingency operations. If 6722-1 commander determines that a soldier does not meet minimum requirements for this award, he or she may request its revocation by written request through command channels to this headquarters ATTN: Awarded for honorable and satisfactory service in any Reserve Component pan a period of 10 years within of 12 consecutive years.

Awarded for mobilization service, as pqm reservist, in one of the following contingency operations:. For each contingency operation served as a mobilized reservist, the following “M” device with appropriate number will apply.

If the time in service in that Active Component is 2 years or less, determine the date of the last break in service. If enlistment was not into one of the Reserve Components, this date is disregarded, with the first Reserve Component enlistment date after the break utilized. Using this date, the date when the soldier will have completed 10 qualifying reserve years of service within the 12 consecutive year period authorized is determined.

Ten years will then be subtracted from this date. This program has been designed to allow for the timely and equitable issuance of the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal. The award is given for honest and faithful service in 6721- with standards of conduct.

Awarded on or after 3 March It was awarded for four consecutive years of satisfactory Reserve Component service up until 27 March

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