This is a fantasy based setting which has but is not limited to known personalities from deity’s and demigods, greyhawk, faerun, mystrra etc. 30 items It is possible that there is more recent Edition version. Feats in Deities and Demigods Radius, The deity senses opponents in the darkness. D&D – Deities and – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read [D&D – EnG] – Manuale Supplemento – Spell Compendium .

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Deities and Demigods (3e)

You need to be able to cast 5th level spells for the Epic Magic virtue, and using 5th level spells from one class to qualify for a different one isn’t intended.

If you like the concept, I can pm you the details later. Players decide what type of concept they want and create their salient abilities very similar to domains.

I’m inclined to agree with your request to banhammer the living hell out of Epic Spells. Eyes in the Back of Your Head.

Feats in Deities and Demigods – D&D Tools

Just one account as your god character is all we need for our game, don’t really need the other. So register now on plothook then post in that thread when you can. What would you prefer? To be honest the SRD stuff doesn’t cover some of the god basics like how to make Hercules strength?


You never answered his question about feat progression. Unstoppable strike Legend class ability can only be used as an standard action. It’s frustrating to no end for gamers im sure.: I could, but I would 35 do something new.

3.5e Demigod Deities

Will register on plothook now, post when I decided what I want to play and any homebrew I’d like to try out for approval. Each target can be no more than one mile from you per divine rank and you must be able to perceive your targets.

I’ve also signed up for plothooks, but it’ll take a few days before I can start posting. Life and Death 8th: I’ll post interest in the other thread and start plotting my character when I get back to my keyboard later today.

Which does bring to mind, I gain my Heartedge as a class eature, pretty much negating my need for a weapon. Races of the Wild. But, if you pick out a few things from there, you can get some ideas.

Stacking on 3 levels of templates to pad out the racial HD. I have a Necromancer idea that I want to do but it looks like r&d on the other site is looking at doing similar. Archomentals are powerful exemplary beings of the Elemental Planes and the rulers of the elementals. Comments on the whole site.

I assume we are free to load up on la to our hearts content? Since your gods I had to come up with a way to include monster hd into your characters to make you more unique. About 2ish days for edmigods the last few times I registered new PC accounts. Voice of the Dragon; 5: There’s a lot of despicable cheese in there – swapping bodies and multi-headed templates using mouthpick weapons plus illithid tentacles on each head plus using the ddemigods legs” of a centipede as tentacles with something or other and umpteen half-X templates stacked together.


THE NEW GODS D&D deity’s and demigods [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

Divine Battle Mastery deitirs I counted like 12 or so guys who had interest but haven’t herd from them on god name accounts to get approved. Did he write an errata maybe? The deity is skilled in martial arts that emphasize holds Divine Constitution Con bonus equal to 5x Divine Ranks 6th: I’m demiigods I might do a ha naga Or maybe an immoth with some template stacking.

I home-brewed the last one. The deity can use its bardic songs more often than As prismatic wall, but surrounds on all sides. Summons swarm of bats, rats, or spiders. Then I add in some duration increases:

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