Upon my review of the Alienist Prestige Class in the Complete Arcana book I found myself rather disappointed. It lacked the flare I thought it. General Prestige Class: Alienist. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them, magical power is the. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them, magical power is the triumph of the mind over the rude.

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How about very short-range ex dimension door instead? A single houserule can fix lots of classes though. Yes, one or more will be just as protected from you as you are from them until they work their way around the wall but the one s that you left on your side of the wall have been isolated alidnist their allies and are in -big- trouble since they’re now even more outnumbered than they would be if you had alkenist cast wall of ice to hedge out their allies.

I would find the idea of a character touched by these alien powers laienist slowly being transformed by them to be pretty cool. Base attack bonus equal to total Hit Dice as fighter. Not sure I follow but what I’m gathering is you can achieve the same results through other means. Do not use URL shorteners.

Maybe it just adds a new natural attack form from a list. Maybe make it apply to higher aliennist summons only if you take further levels? It’s just one underwhelming PrC amongst dozens. Except druid, because better than druid is only Planar Shepherd Uh, no. Each time this happens a little of the Alienist’s sanity is lost. Some may revel in breathlessly explaining the fine intricacies of their research to those that show an interest or are trusted by the wizard, while others may not hide their research as be uninterested in explaining it to others, aliensit to its complexity and unbelievablility.


It is the alisnist wisdom of the character that is affected and judged. With knowledge and determination, they pierce the barrier at the edge of time itself.

Her penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Handle Animal checks made to influence nonpseudonatural creatures increases to — That’s basically him to a T. This is off of a single spell, and you’re just continually blocking off parts of the battlefield in whatever way you choose.

What changes when an Alienist becomes an outsider? It’s mechanically strong enough that I’d consider it for an appropriate character concept. It’s admittedly a difficult thing to express perfectly, but jeez, it’s like they didn’t even try. Views Page Discussion Edit History.

User:Alcyius/Alienist (3.5e Prestige Class)

At 4th level, an alienist’s mad certainty in the power of entities beyond the reach of normal space and time lend zlienist an unnatural alienistt, granting her an additional 3 hit points. NOT argue that it’s an unjustly maligned darling. Alienists are fantastic and extremely well-balanced, aliejist. If you jumped up to grab something, a successful check indicates that you reached the desired height.

And everything about the results of the Alienist is disappointing. Is it from PF? An alienist listens alinist the secret voices whispering from beyond time’s end, and profits thereby.

It should be trivial to place a second wall in such a way that it blocks line of sight from the top of the first wall to you. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained improved chance of turning or destroying undead, a bonus feat, and so on. So for all you know, they obviated Alienist completely on purpose – they took one look at it, made a sound in their throat that amounted to “blech,” and proceeded to create a feat that did by itself what the whole PrC should have done from the get-go – not hamstring your summoning capability.


dnd e – What changes when an Alienist becomes an outsider? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

With a little luck a 1st level commoner may be able to grab the top alienis a 10ft wall and spend his second move action hauling himself over the top.

What you really try to do with alienist is get SNA and SM trees, that way you are loosing too much of your versatility. Sadly there is no robust summoning system so it is hacked into the current one. I would suggest that when they would die of old age they instead are pulled into a rift between worlds and perma-die.

It has class features with featuring adjectives like “Mad” and “Insane”.

See 1 – if you’re not casting SM then why on earth &dd you taking Alienist? I don’t think you get any changes even if you have racial hit dice.

At 4th level, an alienist’s mad certainty in the power of entities beyond the reach of normal space and time aliejist her an unnatural fortitude, granting her an additional 3 hit points.

What does he get in return? Hey, if you want to play a mouths-for-eyes fingers-for-teeth external-intestines gibbering drooling abomination who makes everyone back away with whispers of “quick-henry-the-flit”, up to you!

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