Although, texts such as Dead Poets Society portray conformity in a negative light, As mentioned in the summary, Todd is living in the shadow of his successful. students are following along as they watch the movie Dead Poets Society. Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing. .. I added some analysis and open ended response questions to facilitate . Homework to Hollywood Bulletin Board Printables – Alternative Font. Dead Poet’s Society and Transcendentalism Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing. analyze the use of nature in the cinematography to reflect human emotion as in ” Nature” that are the basis of this lesson to be informational text and the film to be literature).

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Kleinbaum, Nancy H. – Dead Poets Society – Content Summary

To cOnform or Not Conform. Social Influence and Conformity: Social influence has a profound effect on an individual, as the presence of others can influence how they behave, think or feel.

Conformity is one form of social influence and is very much pervasive in social life. Conformity revolves around the idea that one must modify their behaviour or attitudes in order to comply with the standards of peers and groups.


In saying this, conformity differs between cultures. For example, people in hunter gatherer societies are more likely to promote independent thought in comparison to agricultural societies. Moreoverit must be noted that conformity has a place in society. For example, conforming to the laws of the government can help promote peace and stability in a nation.

Thus, it can be argued that concept of conformity does not neccessarily have a negative impact on members of society. Rather, it is the social practices and ideologies that individuals are subjected to conform to that negatively influence their lives.

Conformity in Dead Poets Society: In Dead Poets Societyconformity is one of the film’s principle themes and it is evident that the culture of Welton Academy portrays this idea. For example, a close up shot in the opening scene focuses on a banner which displays the word Tradition: In doing so, Weir establishes that this preparatory school values tradition and enforces its students to conform to the regulations that are in place.

Like fext aforementioned agricultural societies, Welton Academy believes that independent thought is counterproductive. As such, the teachers of Welton Dezd look down upon independent thought as it deviates snalysis the formula which has been proven successful up until this point. Moreover, the effects of conformity are portrayed through Todd Anderson Ethan Hawke.

Dead Poets Society – Wikipedia

As mentioned dad the summaryTodd is living in the shadow of his successful older brother. Through this process though, Todd losses his own personal identity and develops low self-esteem as he believes that he socieyt amount to nothing. In reality, he is talented and was able to compose several verses which were very much creative. It is only when the embrace the philosophy of Professor Keating that they see the world in a different manner.

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What is Mr Keating’s definition of conformity?

Dead Poets Society Themes from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes

Does it differ from your perception of conformity or the OED’s definition of the word? Elaborate on your answer.

Using Mr Keating’s definition, list three examples of conformity that you have witnessed first hand. Mr Keating’s definition of conformity is “the difficulty of maintaining your own beliefs drad the face of others. Furthermore, how is this portrayed in the confrontation between Neil and his father? Have you ever been in an incident where you conformed to an expectation and disregarded your own choices.

If yes, explain why you conformed?

If no, explain why you consistently choose to follow your own beliefs rather than conform. You may argue that it is necessary to conform at times, if it is for the right reason. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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