All of these definitions come from The Meaning of Liff and The Deeper Meaning of Liff, both by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. All of the words. The Meaning of Liff .. The secret Masonic method for dealing with a grimsby is as follows: remove it carefully with the silver tongs provided. The Deeper Meaning of Liff has ratings and reviews. MLE said: I will admit it, if anyone else had written an entire book of definitions that th.

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Many large corporations deliberately employ bickerstaffes in each department. The small awkward-shaped piece of cheese which remains after grating a large regular-shaped piece of chesse, and which enables you to grate your fingers.

The Deeper Meaning of Liff

A car behind which one draws up at the traffic lights and hoots at when the lights go green before realising that the car is parked and there is no one inside.

My personal favourite is P — a grid of one square liiff by three tall, with coordinates A1, B1 and C1. Also by Douglas AdamsJohn Lloyd. Most definitions were quite brief, but some went on for a while on some hilarious tangent. An infuriating person who always manages to look much more dashing than anyone else by turning up unshaven and hungover at a formal party. Each word is actually a place name mostly in the UK and a humorous explanation is provided for each.

There was no hardback edition, and neither was The Deeper Meaning of Liff adapted for the Dutch market.

He sent a note of apology to Jennings. The sludgy bits in the bottom of a dustbin, underneath the actual bin liner. Sutton and Cheam ns. Hidden sharply pointed object which stabs you in the cuticle when you reach into a small pot. The uncontrollable twitching which breaks out when you’re trying deeperr get away from the most boring person at a party.


His other written works include the Dirk Gently novels, and he co-wrote two Liff books and Last Chance to Seeitself based on a radio meaninv. And anyway I don’t want to discuss it,’ without moving your lips. But if it didn’t have the Douglas Adams name behind it, I’m afraid this would otherwise have been lost to the This prescriptive dictionary contains: One of those spray things used to wet ironing with. It was reissued in with a different cover.

Retrieved 1 November LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The optimum vantage point from which to view people undressing in the bedroom across the street. The Deeper Meaning of Liff —a whole new solution to the problem of Great Wakering 8 1—The feeling of aluminum foil against your fillings. Almost 30 years after Douglas Adams first let us in on The Meaning of Liff in his dictionary of “things that there should be words for but aren’t”, the late author’s friends and family have come together to compile a new volume of “spare words”.

A knob of someone else’s chewing gum which you unexpectedly find your hand resting on under the passenger seat of your car or on somebody’s thigh under their skirt. Looking for More Great Reads? Douglas Adams takes place names that he believes aren’t being lif anyway since no one ever goes to mdaning places, and he repurposes them all, assigning them to experiences, sensations, items, and people we all wish there were names for. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Extracts from the Meaning of Liff

At first it seems that they intend to show the locations of the place names featured in the book. Sutton and Cheam are the two kinds of dirt into which all dirt is divided. Can you deal with a Naugatuck 3 without causing a Toronto 4?

The ancient Eastern art of being able to fold road maps properly. The Deeper Meaning of Liff—a whole new solution to the problem of Great Wakering 8 1—The feeling of aluminum foil against your fillings.


Douglas Adams. The Meaning of Liff

Many authorities believe that congs provide conclusive proof of the exstence of a now extinct form of yellow vegetable which the Victorians used to boil mercilessly. Can you deal with meanning Naugatuck 3 without causing a Toronto 4?

Anyone who has ever found Marmite stains on a dress-shirt, or seagull goo on a dinner jacket a knows all about sutton and cheam, and b is going to some very curious dinner parties. I really want to keep this book, but I know deep in my heart that if this vocabulary hasn’t caught on in the past 30 years, nothing I can do will make it.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Could be some sort of bird, I suppose. The quality of not being able to pee while being watched. Meanint names starting with P are assigned grid coordinates.

The single bristle that sticks out sideways on a cheap paintbrush. Someone who, through the injudicious application of alcohol, is now a great deal less funny than he thinks he is.

Douglas Adams’s Meaning of Liff redefined

I do intend to update this list from time to time, but if you like this sample, you should probably buy the original books.

The more you meanijg it, the less it means to you. Apr 19, Pages. All the words are place names mostly in the UK but some further afield and have been assigned meanings that do not yet have a word. One who offers to help after all the work has been done.

Jan 14, Nicholas Bobbitt rated it liked it.

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