DEMOLAY() [email protected] · Centennial Courtyard Click HERE to view the Leaders Resource Guide. © DeMolay International. Leader’s Resource Guide. Demolay International Kansas City, Missouri). ( DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide Fifteenth Edition October Printed inUSA o. Demolay Leader’s Resource Guide. 12 likes. Book.

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Likely you’re also feeling a need to give of yourself to a group of your peers Dates of all Obligatory Days described later in this Chapter. Sending official “Thank You Notes” after some service has been done for the Chapter. Look for any months that have either too many or too few activities. Plans and coordinates all fund-raising projects.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide – PDF

If a certificate has not been ordered by the time the last order fonn is sent in, it can be requested by letter to the Service and Leadership Center.

Officer’s Certificate – Upon request and remittance of a nominal fee, a Scribe may order an Officer’s Service Certificate. An award is granted for a job well done at any time of the year. A new world of responsibility, challenge and fun is open to you. Establish and foster new friendships among DeMolays from different jurisdictions, and Have fun!!!

Reorganized inthe Alumni Association is open to any male over the age of21 who believes in the future of DeMolay.

Any other guests who should be recognized mayor, schoolprincipal. Attend all Chapter activities – social, service or others. A lrader world ofresponsibruty, challenge and fun is open to you.

If a committee thoroughly examines all the pros and cons ofany question or proposal, and has a complete report ready to give inthe meeting, then the business portion of the meeting can be very brief. Active DeMolays also receive a white Merit Bar. Inventory – The Statutes specify that the Scribe is responsible for keeping an accurate inventory of all Chapter property.


The resignation of any officeralso may be demanded, and his officemade vacant, by a resolution of the Chapter adopted in proper form. Arranges for Chapter members to attend jurisdictional activities. Hold fesource Teacher’s Night – perhaps a dinner early in the school year for the principal, and some junior and senior high school teachers. The following materials will be needed to accomplish the task: Of course, the latest edition of the Statutes of the International Supreme Council and the guidelines set forth by the Executive Officer for your state gudie jurisdiction are the final word on any policies and procedures.

The Scribe keeps all the minutes, records, and financial information for the Chapter. Dad Land’s speech was an important catalyst. Your First Duty as a member of DeMolay is to get involved! It all began with Frank S. Prepare and present a class on “Goed Mannei1f,’ to gesource loca] elementary school. Read more about it’in iii Chapter f’ ‘i ‘II about your personal safety whenever you participate in activities outside the home – particularly physical abuse, alcoholabuse and drug abuse.

Also, list the sponsoring body and the name of the presiding officer. Your detailed plans will allow them to select the activities which will have the greatest lrader value to them i. You wiu femolay what your Chapter is to become. Some say that Mother Chapter’s outstanding baseball teams had a lot to do with its growth. Showing a videotape or film about a particular career, or 3. Various items of historical interest are on display, and visitors are welcome. Remember, the calendars are valuable in visualizing your program and should not be eliminated, dejolay they will help you in demoolay longrun.


lrg – DeMolay International

Therefore, one ofyour first duties is to share DeMolaywith your parents. Copies are obtainable from the DeMolay and More Store at a nominal cost. You’ll discuss ideas and be heard on any issue that comes before the Chapter. By the fall ofMother Chapter had developed many activities for its members. Masonic Service Activity Ideas 1. Of good moral character. For You, in addition to developing your lexder. Have a watermelon’ feed.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

DeMolay offers a variety of activities, depending upon the locale and Chapter preferences. It also extends the bonds of fraternalism throughout their lifetimes. The purpose is to make you a better son today and a better leader, father and citizen tomorrow. Asking them to assist in your activities is a great way for them to see your fraternity “up close. Coordinates with the Jurisdiction regarding upcoming events and communicates them to the members.

He should also make an effort to reslurce each member feel that he is important to the overall success, guidd the overall excellence, of the Chapter. This is your guidebook.

Father-son breakfasts or dinners. Make a concerted effort to see that the parents of IDeMolays and prospective members are present.

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