The DELTA XTEND System is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, . DePuy Delta Xtrend prosthesis has been designed using the lastest scientific, . Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System: recovery, function, and survivorship. 1. DePuy Delta Xtend tools; From DePuy Delta set – “Delta Extras” set. Impactor handle with simulated wood grip; Ball impactor head; Cup impactor head; Humeral.

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Depuy Synthes DELTA XTEND™

Make sure that there isn’t any soft tissue that may become trapped between the metaglene and glenoid sphere. The first set of gloves are removed and the second prep is performed in the same manner as the first.

The introduction of a two-piece stem design allows for version adjustment and an offset epiphyseal component so that more anterior cortical bone can be preserved. Altmetric View in Altmetric. Do so by inserting the hex head tip of the handle in the corresponding plate hole right or left depending on the shoulder being operated upon and lock the assembly by tightening the internal rod.

Use a curette to find the humeral shaft.

We ask that our members register with us so that we can maintain the unbiased and independent nature of our content. We generally use a 38mm standard sphere. For eccentric glenospheres, the vertical laser mark on the trial glenosphere should be aligned with the base of the coracoid superiorly and the scapular neck inferiorly.


Unscrew the upper round handle of the holder and remove the holder, leaving the proximal reamerguide in place. Please note that information on this site was NOT authored by Dr.

After marking your cutting line with the bovi, remove the xhend guide. Ream the metaphysis using a hand reamer. A smooth surface without any remaining cartilage should be obtained. Before dslta the glenoid, test the drill and ensure that there isn’t excessive wobble at the end of the drill. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Securing the free end prevents it from falling onto the sterile field when prepping.

Approach Prior to making an incision, a formal timeout will be performed by the attending circulating nurse, and anesthesia team. The largest 42mm glenosphere is recommended by the manufacture if the size of the joint allows to increase both the overlap and the range of motion.

Complications of Total Drlta Arthroplasty. Redirect and re-drill if uncontained.

A drape should be secured around the patients neck and the free end secured to the tape holding the patients head. Manual reaming should be carried out until the central part of the manual reamer is ddelta full contact with the curved central glenoid surface. Screws can be angled in towards the central peg for patients with narrow glenoid necks.


The Delta Xtend humeral stem comes as either a cemented monbloc or a modular uncemented component. The metaglene is left in place and the humeral preparation is then carried out. Information was intended for internal use only and is a compilation for random notes and resources.

Depuy Synthes | Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System | Which Medical Device

Use pulsatile lavage and a nylon brush to clear the humeral canal of debris and to open the interstices of the bone ready for the cement. This should be done a total of three times. The three corners where these xtebd come together are stapled.

Determine the trial size of the cement restrictor and gauge the implantation depth. Tighten the screw to compress the plate.

Academic Bibliography

At some point dekta timeout will be performed by the circulating nurse, attending and anesthesia team. This drill may not fit snuggly in the quick disconnect adapter and you may need to use a regular chuck for our power drill. Slide the locking screw of the appropriate length onto the guide pin.

Other Depuy Synthes products Shoulder Reconstruction.

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