Derren explains how he uses subliminal messaging techniques. Duration: . [youtube FEpdTZGfxCQ]. Categories. covert persuasion · persuasion. Derren Brown repeatedly claims to use NLP and such. I simply don’t .. Persuasion itself in magic performances is a pseudoscience. You might. Derren Brown is a British “mentalist” and entertainer. over on You Tube, including this classic – quite simply, the most persuasive illustration of . He calls the stimuli he planted along the executive’s route “subliminal stimuli.

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You actually pulled that off?

Let me ring her up and prove it. Audio over a static image or slideshow may also violate Rule 0. For instance, I would suggest that the actual words that are visible are “Overwhelmin” and “tablishment” and “educationa”, that are around the edges of the torn paper.

This includes videos of child and animal abuse. Claiming that NLP is some miracle system doesn’t create the same sort of damage, as far as I can see. At this point, he hands the microphone to Danni because he no longer needs it to hide the pieces. Of course, if he wanted to be very clever, he would have made sure that the top 10 pieces of paper were all identical and contained the word ‘influential’.

Jesus, just saw this isn’t even the full ending.

I’m sure suggestion wasn’t the only method used, but what makes you think it played no role? Examples of this include things like “this person deserves more views,” “not enough people have seen this person’s videos,” or “show this person some love. He then ” kidnaps ” the catatonic ” victim ” and places him in a real-life recreation of the video game, having him fire an air gun at actors, pretending to be zombies and outfitted with explosive squibs.


Much of his work is written in collaboration with Andy Nyman. If you have bought it from any other source please request a refund and inform myself at info subliminalpersuasion.

Week 4 – Unit 9 – Pers Out of print Pure Effect is a more traditional book of trickery and technique and offers an insight into some of the methods that Brown employs, and offers a starting point for development for the reader’s own use. He needs to make sure it all works perfectly. You might also want to look up who Derren Brown is. This is one of my favourite Derren Brown routines. He is just a classical magician, just a good showman.

Mens Guide To Women eBook.

0. Videos Only

Someone did a similar type act on Lie to me and they only said what the trick wasn’t. He only got all hyper like this after he put a bag over his head stopped his heart beat and then walked on glass, after he did that it was like he was on cocaine. Some of the stuff is just tricks, but he does a lot of different things that are absolutely not just tricks, but psychological in nature.

No Porn or Gore There are many other subreddits for such content. A rather elegant way out of this is to follow up the accusation with something like this: What I meant to note though was that Derren usually Never explains his tricks. Teller says at the end that “it’s important for people to have that evidence before their eyes.

Subliminal Force by Derren Brown

He says that they are, as you said, NLP and subliminal hocus pocus. Almost everyone said he did have their particular power and allowed him to join, he then told them the truth of why he was there and they got very angry with him.


No one believes that a magician really saws a woman in half, but if you look at some of the comments for Derren Brown’s videos, it’s obvious that a great number of people believe he is using certain “psychological” techniques that hold no traction within the scientific community.

I used to own a print shop cerren it takes a little longer than a single day to print a bunch of signs. Failure to do so may result in a ban. I’d like to see how he finds that shit. No way he relied on her “randomly choosing” influential.

Curious to see the entire thing before getting “the big explanation” at the end? No one seems to get that you can derren different techniques then the ones you say you are going to use and not be a ‘fake’. As I say in each show, ‘I mix magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship’.

In Brown’s shows, he has produced hypnotic amnesia, anesthesia, command compliance, hallucinosis – and although it is currently illegal to show hypnotic induction on British television, he insists that there derren no hypnotic induction anyway. In this section, I will discuss some approaches or techniques that may possibly be of use to you. Videos Only Self explanatory.

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