L’invention concerne un procédé et un dispositif de diagraphie en cours de forage permettant d’obtenir des informations concernant une formation. Le dispositif. Title, Cours de diagraphies instantanées: par R. Desbrandes Author, Robert Desbrandes. Editor, École nationale supérieure du pétrole et des moteurs a. L’invention concerne un procédé et un dispositif de diagraphie en cours de forage permettant d’obtenir des informations concernant une.

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Apparatus and methods for measurement of density of materials using a neutron source and two spectrometers.

Apparatus and methods to perform downhole measurements associated with subterranean formation evaluation. Apparatus and methods for determining gas saturation and porosity of a formation penetrated by a gas filled or liquid filled borehole.

EP EPB1 fr Method for filtering gamma ray well logging tool response to enhance vertical detail cous suppressing statistical noise.

5 cours & 10 sujets de sismologie I des études supérieures de géophysique

Neutron burst timing method and system for multiple measurement pulsed neutron formation evaluation. Time and depth correction of MWD and wireline measurements using correlation of surface and downhole measurements.

Passive, active and semi-active cancellation of borehole effects for well logging. Inverse vertical seismic profiling using a measurement while drilling tool as a seismic source.


5 cours & 10 sujets de sismologie I des études supérieures de géophysique

Country of ref document: LWD resistivity device with inner transmitters and outer receivers, and azimuthal sensitivity. Apparatus and methods diagraphle estimating tool inclination using bit-based gamma ray sensors. US USB2 en Logging while drilling method and apparatus for measuring formation characteristics as a function of angular position within a borehole. Reduced-length measure while drilling apparatus using electric field short range data transmission.

Borehole image reconstruction using inversion and tool spatial sensitivity functions.

Cours de diagraphies instantanées: par R. Desbrandes – Robert Desbrandes – Google Books

Radiological well logging methods and apparatus for reducing the effect of activation from the detector crystal. Systems and methods for controlling a voltage multiplier ladder for optimal efficiency and minimal component stress.

Kind code of ref document: Method and diagraphle for determining the position and orientation of a device in a well casing.

Method and apparatus for optimizing the reception pattern of the antenna of a propagating electromagnetic wave logging tool.

Method and apparatus for correcting data developed from a well tool disposed at a dip angle in a wellbore to eliminate the effects of the dip angle on the data.

Method for determining symmetry and direction properties of azimuthal gamma ray distributions. Electromagnetic induction well logging instrument having courd sensitive response.


A3 Designated state s: CA CAC fr System, method and apparatus for downhole system having integrated measurement while operating components.

A2 Designated state s: Method and apparatus using pad carrying electrodes for electrically investigating a borehole. Directional resistivity measurements for azimuthal proximity detection of bed boundaries.

Measurement-while-drilling assembly using ddiagraphie toolface oriented measurements.

Cuors logging tool having source and target with deuterium-tritium gas admixture. Procede de determination en temps reel de l’emplacement de puits de forage profonds au cours du forage. Processing method and apparatus for processing spin echo in-phase and quadrature amplitudes from a pulsed nuclear magnetism tool and producing new output data to be recorded on an output record.

Dispositif et methodes de diagraphie d’un trou de forage de puits au moyen d’instruments rotatifs controlables. Method of determining vertical and horizontal resistivity, and relative dip in anisotropic earth formations having an arbitrary electro-magnetic antenna combination and orientation with additional rotation and positon measurements.

Apparatus and method for generating sector residence time images of downhole tools.

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