Digitech don’t have any more firmware ROMs for the DHP, but if I could . It is better written than the DHP manual, with very easy flow. DigiTech DHP Stereo Harmony Effects Processor Five part digital harmony multi effects processor. With user manual and power cable. Getting back OT my DHP/Replifex combo ain’t going anywhere. . so if there are any idiot’s guides that go further than the manual, I’d be.

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Janus AlfadorMay 25, There’s a few ways to do it on the Hello, this is my first post and I introduce myself. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.

The presets are also overall very different. Set the actual use that will be given to the unit, which can be “always on” with a certain preset Digutech now use it with a preset of detunes and delaysor turn it off and on by calling for example different harmonies.

This manual is the same as the DHP v2. All programs of the DHP have compressor and noise gate. Probably they were running slower in earlier OS versions and clock was raised with V2.

Sep 5, 8. Giggity, Giggity Yup, sold it last friday. Log in or Sign up. So, I set the unit up for use, and turned it on. Guitars, Gear yadda yadda. Are you getting the Ultra??? May 27, Amp Simulate 1 Here are the v1. Janus AlfadorFeb 12, Minor Chordal 2 I also was having tone suck issues using the loop configuration with my preamp.


I know a lot this is a bit vague and since I’m going from memory some things may be inaccurate.

Also notable about this unit having been kept in its shrink wrap is that its faceplate has not started to protrude away from the chassis, as is common with these units. You can also make one with manuzl 4 voice pitch shift with regeneration S4R and chord shifter CS algs.


I received it today, and found that it had the original, untouched shrink wrap still on it. Janus AlfadorSep 7, Big awesome new gear day: Is it best to run a micro pitch-shifter for tone-thickening at the front of a signal-chain, like before compressor, manuzl, wah? WalteriusFeb 12, The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians.

I have one also. I know the differences between the first DHP and the latest version v. Low cost 16 bit fixed point processors, running at 25 MHz max. Originally Posted by ChuckyB Being the calmest, most together guy in the room means you can always control the dynamics of whatever angle u want to work that night DieHonMay 27, Search Media New Media. May 25, 9. What are the improved Midi controls on 2. manuao

Big awesome new gear day: NOS Digitech DHP with v firmware | The Gear Page

Sat in a warehouse for half-a century. You are welcome anytime my brothah. I still have to wait for it to ship to me. I manuao on some DHP 55s in the previous several months because none of them had v2.


Big awesome new gear day: NOS Digitech DHP-55 with v2.03 firmware

There is an important detail: While open, I saw that the firmware chips have v2. I’ll probably continue to use the JFX for most of my delay, reverb and chorus needs. I don’t know how the 16 bit Janus AlfadorMay 27, Far Away Places That deal sounded awesome enough that I decided to buy it, and figured I’ll sell whichever of the two DHPs I’d have that had the lower firmware.

I’d put it aside a couple years ago and only recently brought it back out, having remembered what wild sounds it’s capable of.

It seems logical to me that it should be, but I figure I’ll ask. Yes, my password is: Another difference between the v1. Baba LouieSep 5, Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

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