The JamMan Solo XT may experience audio dropout if exposed to an European Contact: Your local DigiTech Sales and Service Office or. View and Download DIGITECH JAMMAN SOLO owner’s manual online. JAMMAN SOLO pdf manual download. Also for: Looper-phrase sampler. View and Download DigiTech JamMan SOLO XT owner’s manual online. JamMan SOLO XT Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Page 71 This silo intentionally left blank. Setup When recording to multiple JamSync compatible devices, there are two methods for recording: Note that the JamMan Solo will convert stereo signals to mono when recording. Factory Restore does not affect any loops on the optional external SD memory card. Page 49 50 Ohms minimum impedance, driven by mono signal. Don’t show me this message again.


You can use the rhythm guide track as a metronome for recording against to help keep a consistent tempo of your performance. Rhythm Types oF — This will set the tempo. To print the manual completely, please, download it. You initiate recording of the phrase and then set the loop end point when you reach the end of your passage.

All other data and files on the card are left untouched.

Servicing is required when European Contact: SD memory card expansion slot for another 99 locations that can store over 16 hours of loops! Don’t have an account? Pedal Tempo Mode Pedal Tempo only works with empty loop memories. It also shows information during 8.


If your timing was a little early or late, not to worry, the JamMan Solo XT automatically adjusts the loop length to the measure length set by the Tempo and Time Signature. To Reverse a loop: LEDs will be off. You can also use the optional FS3X footswitch for If the tempo for an existing loop is changed, the loop plays back sigitech the new tempo without any change of pitch.

Reverse Reverse The Reverse feature lets you playback a recorded loop file in reverse. Description Of Controls Description of Controls 1. Changing Loop Tempo Changing Loop Tempo Once a loop phrase is recorded and stored to memory, you can speed up or slow down the playback of the phrase without changing its pitch. To record from an MP3 or CD player, follow these steps: No user serviceable parts inside. Time Stretching a Phrase You can speed up or slow down the tempo of a stored loop or single phrase without changing its pitch.

When this LED is off, loops are being selected 6. The LED will twice.

DigiTech JamMan SOLO XT Manuals

Pressing the Pedal Switch two times quickly stops loop playback. Sandy Parkway EN Free-Form Looping Free-Form looping is the standard way loopers have been used since their inception. PSR IncludedOutput: Enter text from picture: Each time signature setting represents how many beats are in the measure i.

The warranty registration card must jammn mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty.

  6ES7 321-1EL00-0AA0 PDF

Fade, Finish, and Instant. Description of Controls 1. This application runs on both Windows and Mac computer systems and lets you archive and transfer loops between the JamMan Solo XT and your computer. Time Signature Select a new memory location. Don’t have an account? Storing a jaman tempo is permanent and once completed, the original tempo cannot be restored. Single Phrases do not allow for overdub recording.

Digitech JamMan SOLO XT Manuals

Press the button again. If the audio is lost due to Auto Record The Auto Record feature is off by default.

The master will provide the Rhythm Guide Track. Make sure the SD card is fully inserted before replacing the pedal switch to avoid possible damage to the SD card. How do yo store manuap the sd card? You can delete all loops from internal memory or from external memory without having to delete them one at a time. Pedal Tempo The Pedal Tempo feature is off by default.

DigiTech JamMan SOLO XT Owner’s Manual

All audio signals connected to the Aux input are summed to mono. There are two ways to time stretch a phrase: Overdub recording is only possible with Loops. The default time signature for empty loops is 4 beats per measure.

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