: Digitech RP14D Amp Modeling Effects Processor – “Real Tube Amp Modeling, powered by a high voltage 12AX7 tube. The RP14D has 10 . Hello!Up for sale is a very amazing multi-effects unit by nice tube driven preamp / floor board multi-effects processor! Nice sounding tube. Tested and working – used condition – see pics – includes power supply. Ships free via importantly – please read the 4 Gospels 4 2 The.

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International Distribution S. Determines the type of delay. Did you find this review helpful? A phaser splits the incoming signal, and then changes the phasing of the signal.

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It looks figitech the strength of the incoming signal and if the sig- nal exceeds the value set by the Threshold parameter, the gate will open and allow the signal to pass. Expression Pedal Display will show Off, or one of the Parameter abbreviations. Got it, continue to print. Obviously then, digitwch never rival with a built-intrs honntement, for what it cost or dj the era I bought it and therefore still today digotech, it is a good deal trs, an Investment to be no regrets. If I had to find a small default this unit, just to find one, it would simply be the lack of a system that Intgr twelve o’clock.

It combines the characteristics of a wah and a flanger together providing a unique talk box type of effect. Remyxc ‘s user review 5 Like Tweet Submit Email. I have successfully used this machine with no other digiteech until Junewhen I switched to the higher category with the acquisition of a G-Force rack. If your signal rpp14d drops below the Threshold, the gate will close and allow nothing through until the Threshold is exceeded again. If I had to find a small default this unit, just to find one, it would simply be the lack of a system that Intgr twelve o’clock.


The Parameters are arranged in horizontal rows and the Effects are in vertical columns. Down Parameter buttons are used to select the Parameter of the selected Effect.

The RP14D will reset to factory condition. Table Of Contents Included Items Section Two – Editing Functions Once a Program has been edited to your liking, you may store those settings to any of the 50 User Program locations.

The effects are effective, but still very colorful. Modeling guitar processor and usb audio interface 48 pages.

Remyxc’s review – DigiTech RP14D – Audiofanzine

So it takes a long time before choosing digitecy own sound and know the dinosaur and yes I call it an old dinosaur now obsolete because it has outlived its usefulness. Side connections, it has an input jack instrument 6. We also note the presence of a noise-gate, a wha-wha and a tuner.

Enter text from picture: Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and rp14c our services. As you go through the different Programs that came in the RP14D, you will find that the expression pedal has different functions. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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Compression, wah, pedal volume, amp type, equalization, gate, pitch, delay, reverb, speaker simulator brief too many effects, all in a very solid metal case. Would not the advice Previous, trs complete this As you play one diitech the pitch shifter is simultaneously playing a note higher, or lower with you. Log in Become a member. Did you find this review helpful? The fol- lowing steps will guide you through the procedure for creating just such a Program in the RP14D.


When editing a Program, the Store LED will light indicating that you have changed a Parameter and need to store the changes.

Digitech – RP14D amp modelling fx processors

This machine has banks, divided into 50 factory presets and 50 users. Set the amp s to a clean tone setting and set the tone controls to a flat EQ response on most amps, this gp14d be 0 or 5 on the tone controls. Section Five – Appendix 1. Press the Store button once. The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and Digitech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product. Personally, I had to open it 2 times!

The YaYa parameters are as follow: There is no power switch on the RP14D. Connect the other end of the PS power supply to an AC outlet.

The Footswitches As you go through the different Programs that came in the RP14D, you digiech find that the expression pedal has different functions. The signal at this output is in a digital format, and is to be connected to a Would not the advice Previous, trs complete this Delays and reverbs are compelling.

The lamp intgre in multi-effects really add grain and warmth to the sound.

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