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Zamieszczam ponizej moja angielsko-jezyczna recenzje z angielskiego tlumaczenia, a tutaj jeden z moich ulubionych fragmentow oryginalnej wersji polskiej: Thanks for telling us about the problem. How could she delve into that male brain and put it into words. The consciousness of the narrator comes across impossibly clearly. We’re dead serious, we smoke cigarettes, taking drags in such a way that an echo resounds in the whole house, and we flick the ash into an empty watercolor box.

But if you can, read it for its incredible language, its humor, its outrageousness.

Wojna polsko ruska pod flaga bialo czerwona

Most characters are treated as isolated, unpredictable, each action interpreted as hostile or overlaid with excess layers of meaning by the leaping associations of the narrator. Jest to I just wanted to write a little in my native language this one time, just to see whether I still am able to. It’s written in phrases with blasts of color, smell, taste, sensation. To ask other readers questions about Snow White and Russian Redplease sign up.

This is the same, a stream of scratchy prose with no chapters and hardly any punctuation, becomes one of the funniest and yet most horrible books you will have read. Too much trips, too much chaos for me. So this has been called the Polish Trainspotting by other people Here is the part where I make reference to the fact that the characters are living in a post-Soviet world, and that is why their situation has aroused itself, but I’m really, really lazy.

SNOW WHITE AND RUSSIAN RED (Wojna polsko-ruska pod flaga bialo- czerwona)

Now that I have read the book in English translation, because someone has borrowed the Polish original from us and never bothered to return itI am totally blown away by it. Jest to absolutnie fantastyczna ksiazka.


I can’t think of anything else to call it. As nationalism and xenophobia are blown out of proportion, tradition and interpersonal relationships become hopelessly fraught and doomed. Either you are Polish or you’re Russki.

Don’t read this one if you don’t know what drugs do to your brain. The main character is a young man, a speed freak, who is truly despicable when it comes to women.

The book is well written, but the characters were so unlikeable and their lives Snow White and Russian Red by Dorota Maslowska is the first and award-winning novel polsko-ruskaa this young Polish author.

We knew who the bad guys were: This novel is compared to Trainspotting and Less than Zero on the sleeve and those are big claims.

Maslowska ventriloquizes the hypermasculine protagonist “Nails” to unfold a nightmarish account biaoczerwon Anti-Russki day in a small town in Poland. While it is obvious that at nineteen one can be a great mathematician, poet, chess player, and the like, it seems impossible to write a great novel at that age.

Wezmy chociazby zdanie jasowska w miedzyczasie osraly ja wazki”. Benjamin Paloff Goodreads Author Translator. I quickly grew tired of the casual sex, rampant drug use, and shallow friendships.

And I’m aware of the literary device called the unreliable narrator I once wrote an awful thesis about itbut here the context is as unreliable, which makes it very difficult to know what there is to believe really.

About the last pages, the author enters the book as a character and kills wojjna off. Nails claims to be a leftist-anarchist, but he really does not know what it means and is polko-ruska interested in satisfying the needs of this one special part of his body. Mar 29, Oriana rated it really liked it Shelves: In the story there are some fascinating contradictions in the characters of the main heroes.

Snow White and Russian Red

In diesen wenigen Stunden passiert nichts aufregendes. Looked like ‘Trainspotting’ a little bit but it was trying too hard to be ‘Trainspotting’. I really liked the idea and her way of writing BUT it’s such a difficult and tiring read. Trivia About Snow White biao-czegwon Ru What can I say?


I wanted it to be over but couldn’t stop until the end. An enlightening look at the difference between reality and illusion. Afterwards I read that the author was 19 when she wrote the book. I read it twice in a row. No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s a lot like the movie Trainspotting starring Obi-wan Kenobi, except takes place in Poland. But the style is completely unreadable. When I was 19, life was so much easier. The presentation of drug addled slackers in Poland is interest This novel is compared to Trainspotting and Less than Zero on the sleeve and those are big claims.

My one criticism of the book is that it was almost pages and it was too long. There is much depth in the novel, and the writing is utterly magnificent. Of course this is not the aspect that plays the main role but that one in particular made on me the greatest impression. Poza tym odszczekuje krytyke zakonczenia z “Masloska” z mojej angielskiej recenzji. In Poland things are not so easy; it is hard to know who the bad people are.

For years my wife has been telling me about this young born in Polish writer, Dorota Maslowska, and about her book “Snow White and Russian Red” the original Polish title sounds much better: Here is the part where I make reference to the fact that the characters are living in a post-Soviet world, and that is why their situation ha I had to read this book in Gary Thompson’s Central European Lit.

A do tego jest to histerycznie smieszna ksiazka. Jan 09, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves:

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