Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. Fiction · Andy, Dag and Claire have been handed a society priced beyond their means. Twentysomethings. This month, as Douglas Coupland’s 13th novel, Generation A, gathers momentum, John Mullan’s book club looks back at his first, Generation X. It’s hard to remember a time when these weren’t cultural commonplaces. has them tell each other in a kind of slacker take-off of the Canterbury Tales. Generation Xis Douglas Coupland’s acclaimed salute to the generation born in the late s and s–a generation known vaguely up to then as.

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We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the oD commenting guidelines if you have any questions. What do they do? Oct 23, Barbara rated it liked it. The 3 main characters are directionless and are trying to escape evolving technology and Gotham like cities.

I think at least half of my zines have somewhere the line “Fuck you Coupland” at least once in some rant. It doesn’t really leave the ground as accelerzted story with characters.

Plot summary The novel is a social satire about three members of Generation X – Dag, Andy, cultire Claire – who have moved to Palm Springs, California to get away from an overly commercialized world and rediscover themselves.

His first novel, Generation Xwas published in March of Douglas Coupland takes his sparkling literary talent in a new direction with this crackling collection of takes on life and death in North America – from his sweeping portrait of Grateful Dead culture to the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain and the middle class.

Kathleen I just re-read it and still enjoyed it. To highlight this, Coupland’s plot doesn’t have doublas as a ‘story’ per se, instead What a boring and pretentious book. Return to Book Page. Published by Abacus first published I remember being totally fixated with television the first month I returned; so many cable channels and so much mindless and useless quasi-entertainment, and yet I couldn’t get enough!

Generation X – The Book, Tales for an Accelerated Culture, Douglas Coupland, other books

Views Read Edit View history. This is the equivalent of what “Reality Bites” was to film: Andrew, Dag, and Claire tell each other stories—some personal, others imagined—over the course of the day.

Shampoo Planet’s six-month chronicle of Tyler’s life takes us from his Washington State hometown to the ongoing party beside Jim Morrison’s Paris grave, to a wild island in British Columbia, to the freak-filled redwood forests of northern California, to a cheesy Hollywood, to ultramodern Seattle and then back home. This is definitely a quirky little number but I would not couplajd it is the masterpiece it is made out to be in some quarters. My library Help Advanced Book Search.


Though a small gneration of society can decide to ‘do nothing’ with their lives and suffer few consequences – if everyone took up this fro the country’s economy would soon collapse. The tales are told by the various characters in the novel, which is arranged into three parts.

I do confess that the author is very talented in observing small group dynamics of people in a post-modern consumer sociey. Forgive him his past trendiness and you might actually realize he’s a gifted writer, after all. Moreover, we in the West are now facing very different problems how to stay afloat in a wn world, the growing social inequalities, the integration of minorities, Couplane started very promising, but soon became bogged down in hollow, absurd stories.

He is from Portland, Oregon.

It’s the kind of writing that would have seriously impressed me when I was 14, full of consciously witty soundbites. Coupland’s forte is satire, his gift is to capture the iconic details which embody the way of life for the uncool-cool kids in ways similar to how Warhol objectifies the soup can.

View the Study Pack. Claire develops a huge crush on Tobias, an exceptionally handsome man – and follows him to New York – where their lives don’t mesh. The only thing that prevented it being tossed out is the fact that Coupland is genuinely briliant and there’s no doubt that he’s a fantastic writer.

Douglas Coupland is largely sort of awful, but he didn’t start out that way.

Tales for an Accelerated Culture from Amazon. There they take up residence in modest digs, take low-paying service jobs, and attempt to live more or less minimalist lives. It was perhaps a stupid place to start with Coupland, but I haven’t heard anything particularly great about his more recent books, and I wanted to begin with something that seemed to be cultuge by other readers. In the military among my comrades, trust was one of the most absolute givens between us; we had each others backs because it was the only way to survive in a crisis situation.


Want to Read saving…. Jul 01, Rachel Louise Atkin rated it it was ok Shelves: In other projects Wikiquote.

Guardian book club: Generation X by Douglas Coupland

Frankly I was bored and unimpressed when I read this at the height of its popularity. Scott Fitzgerald envoi is the story of John Johnson, a maker of mega-selling trash flicks for teens, who falls ill, has a vision and leaves Hollywood behind for the joys of dumpster diving in the Southwest; and Susan Colgate, a veteran of kiddie beauty pageants whose generous half-hour of sitcom fame has ended and whose airliner takes a cu,ture into a field in the Midwest, leaving her cuoture unharmed.

When I returned in the early 90s I felt like an alien, thoroughly incapable of understanding all the changes that had occurred while I was away those many years.

But then I think every generation has their own version of it. Novel is printed on weird 7. This book has original work by Douglas Coupland author of Generation X and Girlfriend in a Coma who gives his thoughts on the phenomenon and an original story about Lara.

Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture – Douglas Coupland – Google Books

The first part of the novel takes place over the course of a picnic. But this book genuinely gives a voice that was previously silenced by deafening music videos and endless television advertising. Four years later his family moved to Geberation, Canada, where he continues to live and work. Any other X’ers out there read it in the last few years and enjoyed it?

Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture Summary & Study Guide

Did you read it when it was new? I identified for the most part with the generation he describes genertaion actually was probably about 5 years to young to completely fit. It picked up as i I didn’t dislike this but don’t think culturw lives up to any of the Gen X works I’ve already read. Coupland teases these out with such gentle skill that I wanted to put my arm around the poor guy by the time he was saying things like:

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