Link: · How to tell the original from the illegal copy of Dr. Berhanu Nega’s new book. Source: Kinijit. Yenetsanet Goh Siked (The Dawn of Freedom) authored by Dr. Birhanu Nega was published in May by MM publishers, Kampala, Uganda. Dr. Berhanu Nega, associate professor of Economics at Bucknell University and the Chairman of the Ethiopian oppo lg sition Movement, Ginbot.

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Ethiopia: Dr. Birhanu’s Book Published –

Amidst all the confusion, Birhanu is heard bashing the following: The partial and subjective tale of Kinijit from foundation to mass hysteric escalation and later to prison.

Dear Ethiomedia, We want to buy the book. I am thrilled by your courage, wisdom and commitment to give the Ethiopian people and the international community the true account of the democratic struggle waged in Ethiopia. Berhanu was born in Bishoftuand attended Addis Ababa University where he participated in the student movement against the ruling Derg government in his freshman year.

God bless you, Berhanu our black knight in shining armor.

In the third part he recounts the events post election, until the November repression and their imprisonment. Not only does he make that fatuous claim but he announces neta his memoir, presumably seriously and without a knowing grin that “Ethiopia will be more secure because the actions taken thus far has made a better and fertile ground for the new democracies under KINIJITT”.

Some of us pursue careers where we can make a difference.

But hey, it is always dark before dawn. How many of us obok really ready to get organized and be pushed to go into the bush – as Meles and his party did once upon a time?

Dear Zagol editor, I would like to share to you my happiness that dr. Ginbot 7, established to pursue civil resistance through an all inclusive means attracted thousands of people in Ethiopia and abroad.


Yacob Haile-Mariam and other nook of the CUD, as well as a number of civil rights activists and independent journalists. If it is true, why Kinijit Int’l refused to publish the book? The power of a single book Blogs unblocked Breaking News: I know how hard it is to believe such kind of offers. The book itself which was titled “Yenetsanet Goh Siked: You chose not to be part of a shame parliament whose alternative is Kaliti.

Then there is these days the wondrous report from Birhanu Nega on the eve of his transfer from Kalletti to Kerchelle, in which he asks: Tomorrow no doubt it is going to be demonstration time in New York City. MM publishing Kaliti jail is notoriously hot in the summer.

Berhanu Nega

Berhanu Nega publishes book from prison”Addis Capital accessed 20 May This ain’t your run of the mill book it is a classic I am sure and cannot be given to KNA or anyone willy nilly. Why you people ofcourse few in number want to divide the kinijit leaders by saying Kinijit Local [ home] and kinijit international? Berhanu We love you, look forward to reading it.

Despite his struggle with his health and worst prison conditions, to write a philosophical and political book on Democracy in Ethiopia shows the strength of his spirit and his persistence against the odds. The book, over pages long, was highly popular and was sold out in its first weekend, selling out over 10, copies and garnering a black market with price 5 times its retail – so much so that the government started harassing people found with the book, stopping traffic and searching cars, while the public was selling copies of the book in black market.

God Bless Ethiopian Heros’ Dr. Later he founded Imbiltaa bi-monthly magazine focusing on economic, political, social and current affairs in Ethiopia and he was the founding chairman of Ethiopian Economic Association. We are good at knocking doors and appealing to the wide world asking for the release of our prisoners. How he views Lidetu 7.


To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized berhanh of this material, click here. Still the unanswered question is how and where to get the book. No careful observation of the nnega episode and look for the Black berhnau.

Once in power Meles has been inviting us to: I am sure the guy hasn’t read the book. Berhanu and Others who are in prison with him. But his dedication and heroism is just enough for me to keep my hope alive. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Ethiopia: Dr. Birhanu’s Book Published

After 21 months in prison along with all opposition leader, Berhanu left the country in and returned to teach at the economics department of Bucknell at Bucknell University. Oh yes, crying we are good at it.

That means Birhanu is not in jail!

Kinijit Interantional Leadership is setting its house in order. In the last couple days we are seeing hopefull signs that Kinijit is moving in the right direction.

Berhanu Nega – Wikipedia

Please notify us as soon as possible that where we can find it. What has struck me most is your dedication to democracy. Archived from the original on 20 October For over five years, it served as a forum ngea intellectual dialogue among political leaders, policy analysts and researchers interested in developments in that part of Africa.

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