File types supported by DraftBoard Unlimited EDU. Our users primarily use DraftBoard Unlimited EDU to open these file types: VLM. Ltd. DraftBoard and DraftBoard Unlimited are trademarks of Concepts Technology Co. Ltd.. Other trademarks and product names are trademarks and registered. Draft Board Unlimited Crack > ef

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Arrows These buttons move functions form the Functions list box to the two palettes and vice versa. Using the Lock Spline Control Point tool 1. With the Edit Weight command in the Pen menu, you can change the weight of one of the pens to any value between 0. Modify the values for hue angle, saturation, and lightness. Shift key Using the Smart Wall tool 1.

You can change the default setting by saving changes in the preferences file, prefs. For a 2 point Center Ellipse inscribed in a rectangle the Drawing Assistant’s horizontal and vertical temporary construction lines will cross at the center point once you have touched two vertex points.

Changing the pen color of an object without changing the color of the current pen 1. You can display all function that are contained in the subpalette by clicking the icon and keeping the mouse button pressed. You can choose the type of arrowhead from the Arrowheads submenu of the Pen menu.


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X Y Angle Length Width The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the center point as well as the angle, length and height of the rectangle. The Edit Pattern unnlimited box lets you control draftboarv pattern spacing for line patterns.

When the grid is visible, the Drawing Assistant snaps to the grid spacing. Specify the characteristics color, weight, and pattern you want for the new pen. Subroutines are allowed in that one macro can call another macro, provided the called macro is in the Extras menu and therefore a menu item.

The files are output in such a way unlimired when DraftBoard is subsequently started, the macros will be activated automatically. We do not host downloads on our own, but point you to the newest, original downloads.

DraftBoard Unlimited EDU

Construct the line or spline. X Y Angle Length Width The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the center point, as well as the angle, length and height of the rectangle.

Since you are working in the drawing area, the Drawing Assistant helps you place the stroke precisely. This disruption of air flow increases the drag, which is not a part of an effective design.

Option key and then click the endpoint of the segment. Macro Limitations Macros are not general programs.

Click the Save button All commands are removed from the Utilities menu. Even DraftBoard offers a seamless transition from 2D to 3D, you should already know how to use the 2D tools and commands that are described in detail in the first part of this manual. You can change the length of the new Dash by dragging its handle or by typing in a value in the Dash Length entry box. Drag, pressing the mouse button at the beginning and releasing it at a position that indicates the diameter.


Such Infinite Loops are checked when an attempt is made to include a macro, and if detected, an alert box is posted resulting in the macro not being included. Using the 3-Point Circle tool 2 1.

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The unlkmited predefined Line patterns cannot be renamed. Invert This commands changes the Background color the color of the drawing area from white to black Text Margins In this dialog box you can specify values for the Left, Right, Top and Bottom text margins. Notice how each method affects the selection of the contents of the status box.

You may then adjust the curvature of the spline between the locked points without disturbing other areas of the spline. Specifying a new color name 1. Editing a Line Pattern 4 Edited Patterns are affect only the patterns in the current file.

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