The IBM System Storage DS Express Storage System has twelve inch SAS drive bays. When feature # is selected, this model is. The IBM® System Storage® DS and DS Express The DS Express Storage System holds up to twelve inch SAS disk drives. DS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 8.

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The best deals from Amazon’s one-day storage sale Amazon slashed prices on some 20 items. Storage by Rick Broida Oct 10, Along with 1 Gb per second iSCSI support and the capability to intermix host interface technologies, the DS is designed to address your shared storage requirements within a single system.

Up to FlashCopy relationships per system. Up to Volume Copy relationships per system. Supported on Model E2A only.

Total quantity of 55xx features cannot exceed 20 within a DS system, where a system is defined as the DS storage system and all attached EXP expansion units.

Both ports on a card will run at the same link speed. Upgrade No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to increase the quantity of FlashCopy images supported per physical volume from four to eight, with: The following cable types and cable lengths are supported: New technology delivers new levels of performance The DS combines next-generation controller technology with the latest, high-performance host interface technologies to deliver new levels of performance to the DS series.

This gives you the added flexibility to mix 3.

Family +01 IBM System Storage DS Storage Systems and EXP

With these encryption services, FDE key management is transparent to day-to-day storage administration, making SED drives as easy to manage as traditional drives.


Each feature includes two 8 Gb shortwave SFP transceivers. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Up to volumes per storage partition.

IBM DS3512 1746A2S Data Sheet

The DS flexibility and options also extends to the disk drives. Refer to the Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers: As datashfet convenience, a limited selection of cables can be ordered with the DS Otherwise, Feature PN 00W is a corequisite.

With direct attachment support and the capability to be shared by multiple host servers, the DS with SAS provides ease-of-use and simplicity at an affordable price.

Accessibility by people with disabilities A U.

Cyber Monday Newegg: Feature or PN 49Y or 49Y are corequisites. Additional transceivers can be ordered using feature PN 00W Newegg keeps the Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday. Upgrade No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to datashheet the quantity of Remote Mirror pairs supported per system cs3512 eight to This card requires the use of an external switch and the DS iSCSI host ports cannot be directly attached to server ports.

Requires controller firmware level For the DS DC, this feature requires controller firmware level Refer to the Features – Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers. The total volumes per system cannot exceed the datashete stated above under maximum volumes per system.

The DS delivers affordable, entry-level configurations for small and medium businesses in compact 2U, inch rack mount enclosures, with the flexibility to scale in capacity, performance, host interfaces, and functions as your business grows or requirements change.

Lenovo System Storage DS Model C2A – hard drive array Overview – CNET

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Large drive for a low price Large drive for a low price by Dong Ngo. Asynchronous mirroring queues remote writes to reduce the latency, thus enabling long distance replication while increasing local system performance.


Two intelligent array controllers with 2 Datahseet cache 1 Vs3512 per controller. It provides an activation key to increase the quantity of FlashCopy images supported per physical volume from two to four and it enables the Volume Copy function with support for eight active Volume Copy processes, with: Asynchronous mirroring includes a write consistency option designed to ensure that writes to the remote system complete in the same order as the local system.

This model is configured with one environmental services module ESM.

IBM System Storage DS3512 Model C2A – hard drive array Series

Up to volumes per system. Function provided without charge when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7. If ordered, feature quantity must equal two of the same type.

Mutually exclusive with feature PN 68Y This cable must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS This is a disk drive enabled for self encryption.

Up to 16 Remote Mirror pairs per system: Expansion Bays Form Factor. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 13, Single or dual-active environmental services modules ESMs 12 3. The DS carries on the tradition of DS series data protection features with support for multiple RAID levels 0 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10storage partitions to manage volume-to-host access, and FlashCopy and Volume Copy to create logical or physical copies of your data.

Supported on dual controller systems only: It provides a complete physical view of your DS, but with expertise built into the interface and automated policy decisions, you no longer have to contend with low-level activities.

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