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The Bosch DVRA 8ch DVR Digital Video Recorder (2TB) lets you record multiple video and audio signals, and also allows you to view and play them. The Bosch DVRA Digital Video Recorder (8-Channel, 2 TB, DVD Writer) uses H compression technology that helps reduce video file sizes. The Bosch Video Recorder / Series is an. 8/16 channel / Series features a highly reliable embed- . DVR‑‑08A Series DVR, 8ch.

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This 08a020 has been discontinued and is not in stock. Below is the suggested replacement. Please contact us by phone, chat, or email to confirm compatibility.

Bosch DVR-630-08A/DVR-650-08A 8ch DVR Digital Video Recorder

No questions are found here. If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out this form and our experts will get back to you via drv.

We will definitely get back to your question either technical or sales related. Configuring with up to 8 cameras in a network, this DVR can record render 8 channel support simultaneously. With an HDMI output, it takes care of sound image quality and clarity by providing a resolution of H.


Bosch DVRA Digital Video Recorder FU B&H

Integrating with smartphones through the DIVAR Viewer app, it enables you to see live videos from any part of the world so that you can stay tuned with the goings on in the areas under surveillance.

Offering simultaneous recording, monitoring and playback, the DVR operates through simple menu selections and operator commands. We made it convenient. If you’re not in a hurry, we offer free ground shipping to the Contiguous United States. We are here to help put together any system, any project for you. We’ve worked with thousands of customers from different industries.

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License Plate Recognition Cameras. Wireless Elevator Security Camera Kits. Cameras for Mobile Surveillance. Monitors the activity from up to 8 cameras at a time H.

Reduces storage and bandwidth requirements without compromising quality Simultaneous Recording, Monitoring and Playback: Video Recorder Features Recorder Technology: Number of camera channels: Write A Review Write a review. Most Helpful No Reviews. Most Critical No Reviews. Rack Unit U 1. Manufacturer Samsung Compression H.

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