One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity. Millions have turned to the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed. Online Spiritual Book Club. Online Spiritual Book Club. Chapter Summaries by Julie Geigle, MA.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The following period of sleep would often bring profoundly meaningful dreams. Cayce sef that the “little things” are important. They hired a sound specialist to analyze the rapping sounds and he found the sounds to be different from any the people could make by rapping their hands on the table, etc.

Henry uses for himself an image of rising up on a blue flame. Daily meditation is also a proven method for improving dream recall. The Channel of Your Guardian Angel. The Ultimate Form of Channeling. Make sound to express the experience of being one with the plant. Begin in a comfortable position.

Channeling Your Higher Self

Cayce also spoke of a Temple Beautiful in ancient Egypt. Chapter 8 The Visionary Channel of the Imagination. For example, if you are visiting a psychic, meditate on your ideal before the visit.


Sun rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Finally, love is a very important energy that we can channel. Cayce taught, however, that it is beneficial to everyone to consciously channel creative energy through art, music, or dance.

Selt sleep, the intuition expands, while the individual consciousness recedes. Or is it residue of thought patterns of a deceased person, still in the universal subconscious?

But Cayce warned that, when we open ourselves to channeling, it’s possible to receive from the subconscious voices that are neither helpful nor benevolent. Because there is only one universal subconscious, when we are in contact with our subconscious, we have access to a great amount of knowledge.

He explains Cayce’s often cryptic readings in a very lucid way.

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self

To develop awareness of the unseen forces in nature, Henry edgad this exercise. It was a place for healing through music, aromatic baths, dance, etc. You can dialog with your ideal, too, if you like. The first is based in breath awareness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sometimes the higher self actually appears in dreams, perhaps as a doctor, teacher, spiritual leader, a close friend, or even a symbol such as a channeling.

Chapter 9 Who’s there? Cayce often emphasized the importance of attuning to the higher self, while remaining conscious. Chapter 7 Artistic Channels of Creativity. Note that the above exercise requires a decision prior to asking the question.


As above, all you need channelinb pay attention to is staying with the feeling; write what comes naturally.

It’s the most everyday, both ordinary and miraculous, channeling we do. Love is the highest form of attunement. One reason for this is that, even through a competent psychic, for example, the ultimate source can range from desires and expectations, to the subconscious whose primary intention is to express itself, not to serve the greater goodto the intended universal awareness or superconsciousness.

I appreciate the author giving warnings about channeling, meditation, and automatic writing because of mischievous spirits and entities. Especially fascinating is Cayce’s interpretation of the book of Revelation as a symbolic description of a chakra-based meditation practice. This is similar to the earlier exercise with inspired writing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In its broadest sense, channeling includes any act of transmission, whether of love as in giving someone a hug ; an idea as in sharing it with someone ; creative effort; and many other forms.

The people began to hear rapping on the table, and the table would move. Search WWW Search www.

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