A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic Edred Thorsson Thorsson goes over many different areas in this book. Thorsson, Edred. Runelore: a handbook of esoteric runology. Bibliography: p. I. Rune-Miscellanea. 2. Magic 3. Inscriptions, Runic. 4. O ld Norse poetry. I. Tide. Runelore is divided into two parts. In Part One of Runelore, Historical Lore, Thorsson uses archaeological evidence to explain where the runes come from, what.

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I don’t actually know if this is deliberate or not it could be a starting point, to be rejected and hopefully returned to later but I don’t personally find this helpful. There is nothing wrong getting a variety of views on the runes.

This is thordson view I have taken edrwd my own studies. He has over two dozen published books and hundreds of published papers on a disparate range of subjects. Account Options Sign in. Thorsson goes over many different areas in this book.


Want to add to the discussion? I use all the info I can get my hands on and let the Gods and goddesses lead my study. As a result, the methodology in the book is helpful but missing something important.

It is overly focused on form, perhaps overly trying to avoid what I see as shortcomings in works of other authors in the area. I will add, Freya Aswyn has more of a cultural background in her understanding of the runes, but I did not follow too rine into her spiritual teachings, so I can’t vouch for those.

I cannot argue that some will share this experience, and that Thorsson, in providing a scientifically informed context for that experience, lors help steer them away from blind faiths or racist interpretations. Legend tells edrer the runic wisdom was brought to the gods and people by way of the god Odin.


In fairness, I need to state that for me the runes represented something of a spiritual dead end, while for Thorsson, they have been an ongoing part of his practice and have led to profound self-change and personal joy. Might be what you’re looking for but it isn’t a historically or culturally sound method of worship, which is what we in this sub are looking to practice in modern times.

How bad are Edred Thorsson books? : asatru

Flowers’ release of all these books of mysticism runs counter to that in my opinion, especially since his name pops up when people google the rue. Aaron Wells rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Heathens and those into the runes. But Futhark is thorsson practical book and Runelore is not so much, so the reader is somewhat left trying to navigate an evolving understanding.

Odinists, Heathens, Chaos Magicians. Selected pages Title Page. Jun 21, Michael rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I am not currently interested in becoming or claiming to be Asatru.

In my conversations with him he has always been respectful, knowledgeable, remarkably humble, and open to disagreement and debate. One of the few books on runes that I continually come edref to to refresh myself from time to time. Thorsson presents much of the current scholarship on runes and ancient Edrer religion in a digestible fashion, colored with his own theories and spiritual ideas, sometimes without clearly distinguishing the two.

Could anyone point out some specific instances Thorsson dose this, or how he dose this? Some of us do follow multiple traditions and some of us can keep the teachings separate.

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Naturally I think my book should be read first but then I won’t call myself unbiased.

The goal was to provide kore way of talking about the Runes that people could more easily debate and discuss. Return to Book Page. May 25, Iva Kenaz rated it it was amazing.

Looks like I will be digging into this all night and for quite some time to come.

Thanks so much for such an I depth response. John Varela rated it it was amazing Feb 15, A pretty good book. Feb 03, Shea Mastison rated it liked it.

Their use in divination and magic is only a small part of the role they play. But on the hole, if you’re 6 months into studying this religion, you do not have the cultural context in which to understand what they are and what they represent. Can’t get end quote formatting to work].

Runelore : a handbook of esoteric runology / Edred Thorsson – Details – Trove

I get the feeling Flower’s started out very respectable and strived for historical accuracy as much as possible but then got a bit crazy.

An Introduction to the Elder Runic Tradition. If you read his LHP and Runic books you will see a sharp difference of viewpoint.

Edred’s writings have always addressed many of my questions concerning rune history. Overall one of the better books on runes that leaves the fluff behind. Edrdd you’re looking for a seriously in-depth analysis on runes then this book is for you.

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