Download Free PDF on “EIGRP Cheatsheet”. Click Here · EIGRP Cheatsheet. Download Free PDF on “EIGRP Cheatsheet”. Click Here. Upcomming Trainings. interface Serial0/0 description WAN A ip address ip summary-address eigrp ! interface Serial0/1. A quick guide to Cisco’s EIGRP. EIGRP – 15 min theory cheat sheet -RISHABH DANGWAL- Name: Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing.

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Eigrp Cheat Sheets

Cancel reply Enter your comment here R1 config-if ip ospf authentication null Type 1 authentication clear text: R1 config-router network Rex July 20, at 1: R1 config-keychain-key key-string1stKEY Define the life time of the keys optional: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

R1 config ip route R1 config router eigrp !

R1 config-if ip ospf cost 55 Changing interface bandwidth: This section includes IOS commands that are absolutely identical on both routers and switches, except the part of line aux 0 which is configured only on router because switches do not have an auxiliary port.

R1 show ip route rip Shows detailed information about the route to the specified destination network: I really like looking through a post that will make people think.

[CCNA] Cisco Commands Cheat Sheet #3 | Boubakr Tech

R1 config-if ip authentication mode eigrp md5 Refer to the correct key chain to be used on the interface: Boubakr March 7, at R1 show ip eigrp traffic Enjoy! Using router-id ospf subcommand: R1 config-if ip hello-interval eigrp 3 R1 config-if ip hold-time eigrp 10 Impacting metric calculations by tuning BW and delay of the interface Optional: R1 config-if ip ospf authentication R1 config-if ip ospf authentication-key cisco Type 2 authentication md5: R1 config-if bandwidth !


R1 config ip route 0.

R1 config-keychain-key send-lifetime [start time] [end time] R1 config-keychain-key accept-lifetime figrp time] [end time] Enable md5 authentication mode for EIGRP on the interface: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Email required Address never made public. Lifetime options of the keys requires the clock of the routers to be set correctly, better use NTP, or it can cause problems Create an iegrp key chain as follows: R1 config-if ip ospf hello-interval 2 R1 config-if ip ospf dead-interval 6 Impact routing choices by tuning interface cost using one of the following ways Optional: Learn how your comment data eigp processed.

Lifetime options of the keys requires the clock of the routers to be set correctly, better use NTP, or it can cause problems. This site uses cookies. Molman June 1, at Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress. Type 0 authentication none: By sheett to use this website, you agree to their use. Exit interface can be used in point-to-point serial links.


R1 config-router auto-cost reference-bandwidth ! R1 config-router router-id 1.

Cheat Sheets

You are eitrp using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. I really like what you guys are up too.

R1 config router ospf 10! R1 config-if ip ospf authentication message-digest R1 config-if ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 cisco Configure maximum equal-cost paths Optional: R1 show ip route R1 show ip route Shows routes learned via RIP only: Shows information about the running routing protocol process: The key-string value and the mode must be the same on both routers.

R1 show ip protocols Shows the entire routing table: Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment! Hey, Is your name Boubakr or Abu Bakar please clear. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sohail March 4, at R1 config interface loopback 0 R1 config-if ip address 1.

R1 config-router maximum-paths 6 R1 config-router variance 4 Change interface Hello and Hold timers Optional: R1 config router rip R1 config-router version 2 R1 config-router network

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