März Dresdner Musikfestspiele /Deutsche Radio Philharmonie. ISU World Cup Short . programme, Handwerkermarkt. Juni Das Elbhangfest lädt am kommenden Wochenende ein und warum sie sich für das Programm ; Zuschlagskriterien: Preis. 1. Sept. programm für Toleranz und Demo- kratie und gegen Extremismus Maßnahmen noch im Jahr Elbhangfest bis maximal: 10 Euro.

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The variety of clubs is great: Not without reason is Dresden called the capital of student clubs. Around Germany Useful hints and tips for travelers in Germany. To become part of the STAV database registration rlbhangfest the personnel pool is required. Students coming from non-EU member states do often have only limited opportunities to find a job.

The atmosphere in the Neustadt locations ranges from cosy to futuristic.

Elhbangfest late, it has become quite a common practice in Germany to apply not only for vacancies but to send speculative applications, too.

Even if you will hardly find moderate student prices, with a bit of patience also students with a smaller budget will find the right place to go to. In addition to specific searching for literature, search by means of keywords is also possible.

During the last weekend of June, as every year, on the banks of the river Elbe near Dresdenin the section between Loschwitz and Pillnitztakes place Elbhangfest. You will elbhanvfest your entry code on the first page of the “Studienbuch”, which you received together with the notification of admission. Inform yourself and find out about the various offers of the different language pfogramm.

Concerts, operas and ballet performances in the world- famous Semperoper will give you an unforgettable cultural experience.

En Everyday Student Life in Dresden

From time to time, the Studentenwerk also advertises vacancies e. Emma May 13, The futuristic architecture of the library building with its floors being situated subterraneanously is of special interest. Real summer highlights are the open-air film nights also offered by some art house cinemas. Within meadows, hills and vineyards rise small and tiny old villages characterized by a distinctive architecture of the Wilhelmine era.


Cheap flights Dresden Photo by francoisroche. You will receive an e-mail after your registration which will provide you with all necessary information. If you apply for a sideline job a personal oral application might be sufficient, however, it is advisable to make a telephone call beforehand to find out whether the job vacancy still exists and if so, to inquire about the conditions for applicants.

June 24 to 26 — the Elbhangfest in Dresden. The reasons why students work besides studying are diverse: Numerous cinemas of all kinds offer a great variety of elbhabgfest. In addition, you can use easily accessible copy machines throughout the university buildings, working on the basis of a system independent from the SLUB.

June 24 to 26 – the Elbhangfest in Dresden

As this distinction is based on treaties and laws it is binding. After you arrival in Dresden and the initial period of organising your life and study, you probably aim at improving your language skills. For magazines please use the subject data bases or ask staff members at the information desk.

Many students take on so-called mini-jobs. During the festival Dresden turns into a vibrant and exuberant jazz city brimful of life. The building is equipped with computer workstations, internet-access, internet research facilities, subject data bases and carrels individual study roomsenabling students to study by help of modern working techniques.

After a short period of acclimatisation you will surely find that with a bit of effort and active involvement you will make your stay a rewarding experience. The STAV registers job offers and job seekers, listing skills as well as fields of interest. You may find an employment as so-called student assistant.

The arts festival organized by local citizens and cultural associations of Dresden offers a elbhajgfest program of concerts from the recorder to hard rock elbhangffst, theater and dance, comedy and lots of events for children. In addition, the SLUB houses the German Photograph Library Deutsche Fotothekseveral special collections, a textbook collection, and an audio- and visual media section.


During a longer period of renovation these art treasures were exhibited in the Albertinum. A grand costume parade opens the festival, a popping fireworks show closes it. As a rule, these students are allowed to work without work permit for up to 90 days or half-days per calendar year. For students, who are citizens of EU member 211 the same rights and duties apply as for students with a German nationality.

Student groups and clubs provide an excellent opportunity to connect to people whilst pursuing your interests elbhanhfest hobbies. Written applications are preferable when full-time jobs or practical trainings are concerned. As far as museums are concerned, Dresden offers a rich array of choices.

Of course, this modern library has photocopiers and book scanners available which can elbhanffest used with the so-called AFS-copy card, obtainable against a deposit in the AFS copy-shop second basement floor.

All other museums in Dresden are equally worthwhile a visit and can for example be explored during the Museumssommernacht The Summer Night of the Museums. You may choose between mountaineering and alpine sports, health-oriented forms of sports, swimming, team sports, dance, or water sports.


In order to be able to use these facilities, all you need is your student identification card, a personal login and prigramm. Every student who wishes to do so may do sports e. For any further information visit the official website. Whereas almost all cinemas show the latest movies and blockbusters, the independent and non-mainstrain cinemas have other focal points.

On and around campus there are numerous copy shops where students can also buy study materials and readers for various tutorials and courses.

Such a course will lead you to the best results with regard to lebhangfest level of proficiency. As an extra service most copy shops do moreover offer the printing and binding of assignments and theses etc.

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