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D14, D31, L84 [93]. It should be noted that both the choice of questions for the financial test and variables defining financial control can have a significant impact on the test results.

Household finance management effectiveness groups Source: Households effectiveness can be considered from different perspectives, in the same way as businesses effectiveness. The household finance management process is more complex than a company one, because of goals differentiation.

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The third group of respondents received the best average result from the financial test. Currently a number of interesting phenomena from this field are examined, however there is a lack of a holistic point of view and because of differences in methodical assumptions, contemporary analysis is really difficult.

A case study in romantic decision support. Variables are described by means, standard deviations, and minimum and maximum values.


Synowiecki, Subsampling in testing autocovariance for periodically correlated time seriesJournal of Time Series Analysis, vol. Interesting is also the fact that most of the respondents were ineffective in household finance management. Pfohl ; 4 7 effectiveness multi dimensional approach by M.

Forecasting the NYSE composite index with technical analysis, pattern recognizer, neural network, and genetic algorithm: Financial knowledge is a concept variously associated with the financial competence, financial literacy, financial awareness or financial capability more: In addition, it has been shown that there is a correlation statistically significant between financial knowledge and household finance management effectiveness in the nuki dimension and between financial control and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension.

Most authors equate the concept of household finance with personal finance Campbell, Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie.

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The concept of the role and importance of the state budget b. Basic banking operations and their characteristics 7. In table 1, an attempt has been made to adapt selected one dimensional approaches to the effectiveness of the operation of a household.

Jurek Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu,s. System podatkowy w Polsce: The study was conducted using an electronic questionnaire CAWI 3 and a paper finansacy 1 The survey was conducted among naukk, people from three regions of Poland: Theory, Methods and Applications vol.


In addition, an attempt has been made to verify the following hypothesis H: Foundation of the Cracow University of Economics,pp. Group 4 people with high level of household finance effectiveness 3 points. Group 3 people with an average level of household finance effectiveness 1 2 points.

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Podstawy metodyczne, PWE, Warszawa. Brache ; Based on the discussed concept of multidimensional effectiveness it is proposed to approach household finance management effectiveness according to the following dimensions: Financial control 2,51 2,71 3,03 3,00 Source: In the pilot study non random method of selection was used, selection of standard units, in order to test the questionnaire.

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu. The main objective of the paper is to evaluate household finance management effectiveness in the biggest Polish cities.

This problem in relation to functioning of households is not a new problem it has existed since the beginning of household finance science and effectiveness of markets.

I save money for the future. Jurek Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu,pp.

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