Default Password, Login and IP for your Encore ENHWI-G3 router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Encore ENHWI-G3 router. The Encore ENHWI-G3 Wireless-G Router offers a simple, secure method to add wireless to your network at a great value. It delivers a wireless speed up to. It’s never been easier to setup a port forward in your Encore ENHWI-G3 Router. You can be done in under 5 minutes. Just follow our simple 4 step guide.

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With data rate at incredible speed and QoS One piece 2 dBi 2. Press and hold this button for 10 emhwi-g3 to load the factory default settings of the system. Few Ethernet compatible CAT5 or better cables. For optimal performance, place your ENHWI-N3 Wireless Router in the center of your office or your home in a location that is away from any potential source of interference, such as a metal wall or microwave oven.

Click User Manual to open the user manual. Notice the LED will light up at this stage. If not, check your procedures again. Enter the factory default username is admin and password is also admin. Click to enter the mode selection screen.

Move and point your mouse over to the security level blocks from the weakest red block to the strongest green blockand click on the selected block to select the level of security you desired. To save configuration manal click NOTE: You will need to reenter the new wireless security key for the client Scroll down to enhi-g3 the full information. Scroll down to see this section.

This section displays amnual current WLAN configuration settings. If you are an entry level user, after hooking up the cables, try to access the internet from your computer.

If you can open a website with no problem, leave the settings as it is. If changes were made, click the button to save the changed configurations.

Edit the scheduled function to allow configuration for firewall or power savings services. Fill in the schedule and select type of service you desired. Select any of the schedules by using the check box located on the right side of each line to edit engwi-g3 Delete selected schedule line. Scroll down to see more. A popup Setup Wizard Encorr will be immediately displayed.

If the popup window for Setup Wizard failed to appear check your Popup Settings and make sure popup is allowed at least temporarily for this purpose. This manuao the maximum size of the packets. Keep Connection – will stay connected to the Internet Automatic Connection – automatically connects to the Internet when an application needs it, and drops the connection after the designated idle time period.


Encore Electronics ENHWI-G3 user manuals

If your clients are mixed using Once established you can set the security policy settings This menu is visible only when the Auto Channel is enabled. Selections are from One Hour to One Week. A maximum of 4 devices are allowed. This is for advance users only. Wrong parameters can make the router un-operational. Default value is Specifies the maximum size of a packet during the fragmentation of data to be transmitted. With these wireless securities, unauthorized access can be prevented.

If you are building a public wireless network, enabling this feature is recommended. This mode only authenticates users by IEEE There are two authentication types: Both AP and wireless client must be configured with the same authentication type.

ENCORE ENHWI-G3 User Manual – Page 1 of 3 |

You can select the WEP key length for encryption, bit or bit. The larger the key will be the higher level of security is used, but the throughput will be lower. You can use an external RADIUS server to authenticate wireless stations and provide the session key to encrypt data during communication. Enable manyal access control: You may need this information when connecting to other WPS-enabled wireless devices.

Encore Electronics ENHWI-G3 user manuals download

FIREWALL The Broadband router provides extensive firewall protection by restricting connection parameters, thus limiting the risk of hacker attacks, and defending against a wide array of common Internet attacks. If Internet attacks occur the router can log the events. Protects the router from Sync Flood attack. Check to enable or disable MAC Filtering.

Check to enable or uncheck to disable IP Filtering. Enable or disable port mapping function. This is the protocol type to be forwarded. Enable or disable Port Forwarding. The description of this setting.

Enable or disable the Port Trigger function. This is the outgoing Outbound range of port numbers for this particular application. Enter the In-coming Inbound port or port range for this type of application e. You can enable or Disable the UPnP feature here. After you enabled the UPnP feature, all client systems that support UPnP, like Windows XP, can discover this router automatically and access the Internet through this router without having to configure anything.

The NAT Traversal function provided You can set the upper bound and Lower bound. Specify the direction of packets. Specify the IP address range. You could also manuaal one IP address Protocol: Specify the packet type.



Specify the Subnet Mask of static routing rule. Specify the default gateway of static routing rule. Specify the Max Hops number of ehnwi-g3 routing rule. Specify the Interface of static routing rule.

Remote managemen Mabual you to designate a host in the Internet. The ability to configure the Broadband router from a remote site. Select the time zone of the country you are currently located.

The router will set its time based on your selection. The router can also maual set to automatically adjust to the Daylight Savings changes. PC Date and Time: The router can also take Daylight Savings into account. Fill in your static domain name that uses DDNS. The account that your DDNS service provider assigned to you. The password you set for the DDNS service account above.

To upgrade the firmware of your Broadband router, you need to download the firmware file to your local hard disk, and enter that encorw name and path in the appropriate field on this page. When you save the enwi-g3, you also can restore the saved configurations into the router through the Restore Settings. This can save the current Broadband router configuration to a file named “config.

Alternatively, you can use the “Restore to Factory Defaults” tool to force the Broadband router to perform a power reset and restore the original factory settings. System restarts and connects to the IP address http: System – Status System status section allows you to monitor the current status of your router. Mnaual settings can enhwi-3g change as needed. If you are an entry level user, try opening a website from your computer.

This is disabled by default. It displays any event occurred after system start up. Select your preferred language. Wireless – Basic You can set parameters use by the wireless stations to connect to this router. Communication between Wireless clients: Communication between Wireless clients and wired clients: Tools – Admin You can change the password that is required to log into the broadband router’s system web-based management.

Fill-in the current password to be replaced. This is required to allow changing to a new password. This field would display the user computers date and time. The result tells you whether the connection is broken or successful.

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