Bolivia: Tasas específicas y generales de fecundidad y tasa bruta de .. Bolivia: Tendencias de la atención materna, ENDSA y , EDSA Encuesta Nacional de Demografia y Salud (ENDSA ) also provides new statistical information on knowledge, attitudes and practices related to HIV. Title: Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud ENDSA [National Publisher: Publication Location: La Paz, Bolivia: MSD, PRS, INE y Macro International.

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The same software was used to analyse indicators based on weight and height measurements and presence of oedema, and to calculate prevalence of acute and chronic malnutrition. The SMART manual deals specifically with nutrition and mortality surveys, including sampling, nutritional measurements, and mortality rates. With little increase in modern contraceptive use, it is not surprising emdsa fertility declined only modestly between andfrom 3.

In this case, and largely to allow comparisons, anaemia classification was based on the same cutoff points used for children boliia months old in the previous Demographic and Health National Survey in Bolivia. Out of these nine cases, only one was classified as acutely malnourished using weight for height zscore. Questionnaires Cuestionario Individual de Mujeres. The authors would like to acknowledge the political and health authorities from regional to community level. This is highly appreciated.

[Bolivia National Demographic and Health Survey ENDSA ] |

A Guide for Programme Managers. Contraceptive use was higher among wealthier women and women with higher educational attainment, but modern use did not exceed 47 percent even among women in the wealthiest fifth of households. Related Materials Download the questionnaires, technical documents and reports that describe the enndsa process and the key results for this study.

  ASTM E 1381-95 PDF

Some parents did not authorise Hb analysis, so final sample sizes for collection of anaemia data were slightly lower. All rural localities listed in the ehdsa censusexcept Mennonite communities 9were considered for random selection using ENA Emergency Nutrition Assessment software. Helping women avoid unwanted pregnancies is another way to improve maternal health, especially if the pregnancy occurs within two years of a previous pregnancy, when a woman is under 18 or older than 34, or if a woman bolivix had at least three births.

It provides a more endsq understanding of the nutritional problems affecting a population than anthropometric surveys alone and hence the policies, strategies and programmes that must be pursued to eradicate malnutrition. But there are some signs that infant and child health may improve. The assistance of a skilled birth attendant during childbirth is considered bolivua to lowering maternal mortality, one of the Millennium Development Goals for Stamps representing anaemia status.

ACF is currently evaluating whether the urban population of the Bolivian Chaco needs to be included in future anaemia surveys.

Based on the FAO scale 12this signifies a severe iron deficiency problem in this region. El cuestionario de hogar fue completado en 19, hogares y comprende los siguientes temas: The current population for each community was calculated applying the district population provision of INE National Statistics Institute based on the national census.

El cuestionario individual de hombres fue aplicado de manera 208 a 6, hombres y boilvia los siguientes temas: A model of the card given to each family with the results is shown in Figure 2. It has very irregular weather patterns affecting temperatures, rains and winds and is characterised by intense rainy summers and dry winters.


Integrating anaemia analysis in SMART surveys in Bolivia | ENN

Description El cuestionario individual de mujeres fue aplicado de manera completa en 16, mujeres y comprende los siguientes grandes temas: Inclusion of anaemia analysis in the SMART survey did enda necessitate increasing the number or qualifications of staff. Created on Feb 26, Last modified Jun 16, Material for Hb analysis. Even though rates increased, nearly one-half of the children with diarrhea were treated at a health facility in bolivua, an improvement overwhen just over one-third of children were treated.

The final samples were children between 6 and 59 months old in Cordillera Santa Cruz2080 Chuquisaca and in Tarija.

Infant Mortality Rate deaths under age 1 per 1, births. It also provides step-by-step instructions for analysing survey data using Emergency Nutrition Assessment ENA software and procedures for food security assessments.

Bolivia – Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud 2008

Water consumption, farming and livestock of more than 7, households were severely affected according to a UNETE evaluation report 3. The inclusion of haemoglobin Hb bolivja to determine anaemia status in SMART surveys gives a more complete nutritional status assessment, particularly with regard to potential constraints for adequate child growth and development due to iron deficiency.

Although only 1 to 3 blood drops are needed for the reaction analysis, one common belief and reason for resistance to the test was envsa suspicion that blood may be sold.

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