Una de las facetas más interesantes de la ENDUTIH está en la revisión que se hace del uso de telecomunicaciones a nivel estatal. Una nación. Ghana Living Standards Survey / Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Estimate to December based on ENDUTIH survey. Refers to total. National Survey on Availability and Use of ICT in Households, ENDUTIH. International Telecommunications Union (ITU) () ITU World.

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Freedom of expression Freedom of information.

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

In AugustCitizen Lab and Mexican partner organizations had documented at least 21 cases of journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures being targeted with the spying software Pegasus. A constitutional reform in established internet access as a human right and guaranteed net neutrality. Preliminary findings of a Mexican case study,” Cornell University LibrarySeptember 27,http: While citizens continued to use digital tools to protest against impunity, corruption, and gender violence, online enduhih is widespread in Mexico’s digital sphere.

Civil society and several international human rights organizations, as well as experts from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and United Nations, called on the government of Mexico to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of illegal spying.

Previous reports also revealed that Mexico was the biggest client of the surveillance company Hacking team, which had signed more than 14 contracts with various state and federal agencies. Threats and violence from drug cartels, members of local governments, and other actors have continued to put journalists’ lives at risk and curtail the safe practice of journalism. Personal Interview on May 2, All of these aggressions disproportionately target women online, affecting their right to freedom of expression and access to information, to privacy endtuih to intimacy.

Increasingly, however, women who denounce abuses via online platforms face backlash in the form of threats or even physical violence See “Intimidation and Violence”. In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications. Economic constraints influence the diversity of media in Mexico. Articulo 19,” March 20, ” http: Despite a series of revelations about the misuse of digital spying technologies in the country, no significant progress has been made in investigating these abuses.


Inthe states of Baja California, Ciudad de Mexico, Morelos endjtih Aguascalientes observed the highest scores of internet users in rural areas Special rapporteurs of endjtih of expression from the UN have asked legislators to reevaluate the law and to consult with civil society organizations.

Mobile cellular subscriptions per inhabitants – UN official. Five years after introducing reforms to reshape the telecommunications industry, Mexico has noted some tangible improvements in internet connectivity, quality of service, and prices.

Most recently updated period. Lawsuits have also been filed in response to critical reports published online.

Mexico’s telecommunications reform has induced some changes in Mexico’s ICT market by reducing barriers for foreign investment and slashing prices for telecommunication services. However, net neutrality is a contentious issue due to commercial agreements that allow differentiated prices depending on the destination of internet connections. enduyih

JMIR Publications

Social networking sites and international blog-hosting services are available in Mexico. XLS Text separated by commas. A new Internal Security Law notably enables the military to carry out intelligence activities by “any legal means possible,” raising further concerns about military intervention in communications and information gathering in an opaque legal environment see “Legal Environment”. Bots, trolls and fake accounts were active on social media platforms in the run-up to presidential elections inspreading disinformation and propaganda to promote or attack certain candidates see Media, Diversity, and Content Rndutih.

The Mexican Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and privacy of personal communications. A controversial Internal Security Law enacted in December formalizes the armed forces’ engagement in domestic security functions.

Online gender-based violence has become a critical problem in the country, affecting women journalists, politicians, feminists and organizations. Physical attacks against online reporters and online death threats were frequently reported during this period.

Facebook removals between July and December included more than 2, pieces of content related to a video of a shooting at a school in Monterrey, and 14 items that had been reported for defamation. No evidence has been documented that the government or other actors blocked or filtered internet any other ICT content. Despite a series of revelations about illegal surveillance practices in the country, enxutih significant progress has been made toward investigating these abuses and bringing perpetrators to justice.


Refworld | Freedom on the Net – Mexico

Users were unable to access content on the site, including election predictions polls. Digital rights groups raised the alarm about newly approved changes to the Federal Copyright Law, which would allow courts to order precautionary measures against content suspected of copyright infringement see Blocking and Filtering.

Mexico remained one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, and at least four digital reporters were killed during the past year. Such disparate connectivity rates are also evident in the relatively small percentage of internet users with broadband access.

Little progress has been made in thoroughly investigating illegal surveillance practices in the country, after a series of revelations exposed the abuse of digital spying technologies intended to investigate criminals. After obtaining its license inthe non-profit organization has been providing mobile phone and data services to more than 3, households in rural and indigenous communities for USD 2 per month.

In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications 8. IFT pone fin enditih tarifa cero,” ForbesNovember 2,endutlh Thursday, 27 December Some 20 million users have Instagram. Civil society organizations argued that these contracts were illegal because many of the agencies involved lacked constitutional or legal authority to conduct surveillance or espionage.

Consult municipality indicators, comparative summaries and thematic maps by municipalities. Juan Arvizu, “Impunes Advanced Search Search Tips. Digital activists decried the impact of this change on freedom of expression online, as courts would be able to order measures enfutih as censorship of online content or seizure of equipment without providing proof that copyright violations have taken place.

Init was also criticized for authorizing Telcel to exclusively exploit 60 MHz of the 2.

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