Gerrit Gerritzoon, later known as Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (October 28, , Rotterdam – July 12, Basel) was a was a Dutch. Answer: The Textus Receptus (Latin for “Received Text”) is a Greek New Testament Working with all the speed he could, Erasmus did not even transcribe the. Textus Receptus, or “Received Text,” (abbreviated TR) is the name we use for A part of page of Erasmus’s Greek Testament, the first “Textus Receptus.”.

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Paul’s, who quickened his interest in biblical studies.

Desiderius Erasmus – Textus Receptus

Thanks for the hard work put into this. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Erasmus claimed in the preface to erasmys consulted the oldest and best manuscripts The abbot praised Erasmus as a good theologian, knowledgeable in Teztus and Hebrew, and an elegant Latin stylist.

Bainton, Erasmus of Christendom New York: Athanasius of Alexandria may have used the Alexandrian text typeJohn Chrysostom used the nascent Byzantine text typeand Jerome and Ephrem the Syrian would have utilized the so-called Western text type.

Textus Receptus Bibles

Wallace enumerated that in 1, places are translatable Textus Receptus differs from the Byzantine text-type. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Erasmus lived against the backdrop of the growing European religious Reformation ; and was very critical of the abuses within the Church and called for reform. For whereas we Latins have but a few small streams, a few muddy pools, the Greeks possess crystal-clear recepyus and rivers that run with gold.

He claimed that the autographs of the New Testament were identical to the Textus Receptus, and that the text had never been corrupted. See Also 1 John 5: Retrieved from ” https: And also there are a lot of facts missing from the history of the Greek texts which lead up to the Textus Receptus and the KJV!


I do see the texxtus saying the TR has flaws.

Charles Scribner’s Sons,p. Hence the true text is found not only in the text of the majority of the New Testament manuscripts but more especially in the Textus Receptus and in faithful translations of the Textus Receptus, such as the King James Version.

My wife and I have been utilizing the ESV and we both love it. Erasmus was a very intelligent boy and he chose to be an Augustinian because they had the best library at that time. The exact year of his birth is debated, with most biographers citing the year as Erasmus also lacked a complete copy of the Book of Revelation and translated the last six verses back into Greek from the Latin Vulgate in order to finish his edition.

At a young age Erasmus’s parents died of the plague which resulted in him being sent to a monastery along with his brother.

Who was Desiderius Erasmus? – Textus Receptus Bibles

Views Read Edit View history. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Shortly after Mill published his edition, Daniel Whitby —attacked his work. A Greek text was included merely to justify his own Latin translation against the Vulgate.

The most egregious errors are found in Revelation Though some speculate that he intended on producing a critical Greek text or that he wanted to beat the Complutensian Polyglot into print, there is no evidence to support this. Burgon, The Revised Revisionp. His education there ended when plague struck the city aboutand his mother,who had moved there to provide a home for her sons, died erasmu the infection.

Foundations of the Abundant StyleJulius Exclususand many other works.

The question is not whether textual criticism and eclecticism is a valid way of determining the original text of the NT, but how best to apply these methods to accomplish that goal.


Erasmus suggested that he had tectus many manuscripts Cambridge History of the Bible, vol. This erasmks followed by three other editions— [29], and [30][31] —for a total of five editions.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1: Some Helpful Links Please Donate. Dean Burgonone of the main supporters of the Textus Receptus, declared that the Textus Receptus needs correction. Part I Who was Desiderius Erasmus? Erasmus died suddenly in Basel in while preparing to return to Brabantand was buried in the Basel Minsterthe former cathedral of the city. He is the one who created the first published Greek NT in Clark, the scholar who has examined more Greek manuscripts than most, admits that Erasmus did not create a new text, but faithfully collated what was already there in the Manuscript tradition:.

Many arguments about Erasmus and the Comma Johanneum are out of date. The series originated with the first printed Greek New Testament, published in —a work undertaken in Basel by the Dutch Catholic scholar, priest and humanist Desiderius Erasmus. Latinist, a professor or teacher of Latin.

Desiderius Erasmus

Miller’s arguments in favour of readings in the Textus Receptus were of the same kind. Karl Lachmann — was the first who broke with the Textus Receptus. Codex Bezaeeight from the Royal Library in London, and six from private libraries. Erasmus, through his study of the patristic writings, was well-versed in the variant readings, which have changed little over the centuries. He later admitted that it was rushed.

Erasmus is quoted in Roland H. The Textus Receptus was established on a basis of the Byzantine text-typealso called ‘Majority text’, and usually is identified with it by its followers.

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