The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). Supports GSM , , and MHz. Six transceivers. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). • Supports GSM , , and MHz. • Six transceivers.

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Proceed to step 7 Do preventive maintenance routines. Alternatively, in the case of External Power Fault, it is necessary to determine eeicsson or not the cause of the fault is a commercial power failure, prior to dispatching maintenance. Heat Sink Washers Note: Write the trouble report as soon as possible, preferably at the RBS site. Determine whether or not the sensor works.

Connect a multimeter to the U OUT test point and check the voltage. Replacement is the reverse of the above. Check for missing TRU dummies. Using a multimeter, measure the resistance between the centre conductor and ground.


Your message ericsosn be betweencharacters! Table 29 Battery checklist. Connect the opto bus cables.

Ericsson RBS Series

Mount the replacement IDM in the cabinet and fasten it with the four screws. Fault Localisation Recommends actions for each suggested RU.

Therefore, the unit must be handled carefully. Wait until the Operational indicator on the new DXU has a fixed green light. The whole cabinet packing with free fumigation wooden Box. Wait until the Local mode indicator on each TRU concerned has a fixed yellow light.

GSM BOE 602 14/1 R16B RBS 2202 Ericsson BTS base station DXU-21A all tested

This type of accident is likely to be fatal. Please reply me widthin 24 hours.

Switch off the DXU circuit breakers. If the opto-loop becomes faulty, then system voltage supervision is lost as well.

One of the terminators must be of revision R1A and the other Rbd or higher. The OMC Operator must be able to determine whether the reported fault requires maintenance personnel to respond or not. Make a call on the TEMS. If they do not correspond, in the System view, click the Installation Data Base icon.


Customer Bill of lading date calculation. BS fault indicator status? The reason why the TX not enabled indicator may not turn off is that the TRU is not configured and therefore not able to carry traffic. The IDM may now be temporarily held clear of the work area before continuing.

If not, change the terminator. Communication fault on the power communication loop. Testing The RBS is tested before the field technician leaves the site.

A physical channel uses a combination of frequency and time division multiplexing and is defined as a sequence of radio frequency channels and time slots. This type of accident may cause injury or damage the product. Withdraw the CDU sub-rack from the cabinet.

Replace the DXU and reconnect the disconnected cables.

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