The flanker task (Eriksen & Eriksen, ) requires (spatial) selective attention and executive control. In this task, irrelevant stimuli have to be inhibited in order to. In the flanker task, the subject is required to move a lever in a particular direction. Which direction is required in condition B? a) Left b) Right. Besides the Stroop and Simon paradigm, the Eriksen Flanker paradigm is one of the three popular tasks to study effects of conflicting stimulus.

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A congruent trial, for example, could be the word “left” shown on the left side of the screen, while an incongruent trial might be the word “left” on the right side of the screen.

Congruent All stimuli map to the same response. A version of the Eriksen Flanker Task involving arrows as stimuli can be found and taken here. Taxk a video on how to do that.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Incongruent The flanker stimuli map to a different response than the target stimulus. Eevaluation of a small group intervention in prekindergarten and kindergarten children.

Eriksen flanker task

There are three different types of conflict tasks that research has been largely focused on, one of these being the Eriksen Flanker Task. If you have a PsyToolkit account, you can upload the zipfile directly to your PsyToolkit account. Further reading Eriksen, B. All three of these tasks have mainly been viewed as identical in terms of the control processes that are involved. J Sport Exerc Psychol. The subject must focus on a target stimulus while ignoring adjacent flanker stimuli.

Choice reaction times CRTs or RTs were then recorded and compared between congruent and incongruent conditions. Traffic Psychology erlksen Behaviour. Just as with the Eriksen Flanker Task, the response time and accuracy of congruent words is better than those of incongruent words.


Flanker Task – Cognition Lab

Journal of Experimental Psychology. Development of attentional networks in childhood. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There is a similarity between other paradigms in which this type of interference from an irrelevant stimulus or stimulus feature occurs like the Stroop task or the Simon task. The word can either be congruent, which would mean the word would match the font color, such as the word “blue” in blue font color, or it can be incongruent where the word would not match the font color like the word “purple” in yellow font color.

This process leads to an interaction called the Gratton effect, which is the finding of a lower interference effect after an incongruent trial compared to the effect after a congruent trial.

In this example, you will see 5 letters appear above the fixation point, but you must only respond to the central letter which is above the taso point. The trick is the word itself refers to a color.

The letters X and C need to be responded to with the A button of your keyboard. Conflict scores are computed by subtracting the faster condition from the slower condition for each of the attention concepts:. InCongruent — Congruent response conflict Shifting: The target is flanked by non-target stimuli which correspond either to the same directional response as the target congruent flankersto the opposite response incongruent flankersor to neither neutral flankers.

Effects of noise letters upon identification of a target letter in a non-search task. Run the demo In this example, you will see 5 letters appear above the fixation point, but you must only respond to the central letter which is above the fixation point. The ACC is a frontal brain structure responsible for a wide variety of autonomic functions.


For example, Kopp et al. In the flanker paradigm, the position of the target is always known—there is no search process. To measure how conflicting information affects choice response speed, different conditions are introduced: The task is named for Barbara. Read here how to easily deal with this. The flankers could be arrows pointing in the same direction as the target congruent the opposite direction incongruent or squares neutral.

Some results and methodological considerations”. Evaluation of a two-choice tester using ethanol”. Psychology experiments Experimental psychology.

More recent work in this area has used neurophysiological measures such as event-related potentials [11] or imaging techniques such as fMRI. Data output file TODO. Both alcohol and the antihistamine cetirizine impaired performance in the test measures, and their effects were additive.

Acute administration of antihistamine or alcohol severely impairs CRT in test measures, a deficit which Ramaekers et al. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The save line of eiksen PsyToolkit experiment script determines what is being saved in the data output file.

The third task that is largely focused on is the Simon or spatial compatibility task.

Eriksen flanker task – Wikipedia

In PsyToolkit, the data output file is simply a textfile. Like most of the paradigms in this library, it is popular and there are many variants of the original. Earlier work had used visual search[9] but because these tasks involve an active scan of flanler environment to identify the target stimulus, this experimental design made it difficult to separate the effects of distraction from the effects of the search process.

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