North American Ecology (US and Canada). Erionota thrax is a year-round resident in the Hawaiian islands, where it was introduced from Guam in Aug. Erionota t. thrax (Linnaeus, ) (Banana Skipper). Pinned Specimens photo collection: Distribution and Larval Foodplants: Introduced to Hawaii. Synonymy. Butterflies of America. visitors. top. updated on Species Erionota thrax. Erionota thrax thrax (Linnaeus, ) Banana Skipper Introduced to Hawaii.

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Notes and Exhibitions, July 15th Views Read Edit View history. The cases of the larvae soon become large enough to be visible from a distance of several metres. The conveniently parallel side veins of the leaf make it possible for the butterfly to break through the wall without having to break through a vein.

For misidentifications please list reasons to assist in diagnosis. However, after an exhaustive review of these records, Cock concluded that all records of E. South and Southeast Asia, Oceania. Banana skipper, Erionota thrax L. Hostplants of the moth and butterfly caterpillars of the Oriental region. According to Corbet and Pendlebury the very similar Erionota torus has the same life history, and some of the records in the literature may relate to this species.

Veenakumari and Mohanraj, Prasad and Singh, Adults Adults are brown on the upper and under side. It has been reported from Mauritius, where the species was stated to have become established as early as Monty and Ghauri, but this seems to be a misidentification for E. Nakao and Funasaki, ; Anon. Based on the programme already carried out for Mauritius purportedly on E.


Biological Control There have been several programmes of biological control against E.

According to Kalshoventhe larval parasites, together with a tachinid fly possibly a Sturmia sp. The roll of a full-grown larva may be up to 15 cm long. The larval stage lasts about weeks. Drought conditions favour outbreaks in Malaysia Kalshoven, ; Kalshoven and van der Laan, Wings beneath paler than above; posterior wings with a discal, rounded, macular, darker fascia. Crop pests and their management in Malaysia. Look for caterpillars in the rolls that have shiny black heads and are rrionota in wax.

Adult banana skippers, Erionota thrax.

Erionota thrax – Palm Redeye – Butterflies of India

Distribution Top of page The most comprehensive information on the distribution of E. This Erionotini -related article is a stub. It spread together with its egg-parasitoid, O. Title Adult female, underside. The species is common on the plains in Peninsular Malaysia as is E. Close Find eriohota more. Descriptions of the early stages of E.

Contact us to obtain large data downloads and access to bulk information from these websites for collaborative basic science and conservation research projects, or other purposes. Note the black head, narrow “neck” and rhrax body that is pale green. Notes on a new insect pest in Mauritius: With the head up, it anchors its abdomen with rhrax cremaster in strong spun threads; the case becomes less accessible from the underside, where larval droppings accumulate.


Revue Agricole et Sucriere de l’Ile Maurice, 49 2: Hesperiidaea new record to Andaman Islands. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society, 23 1: Adult banana skipper, Erionota thrax, with folded wings.

Common Name

As in all hesperiid larvae, there is a erionotz ‘neck’: Rolled edges of banana leaf by the banana skipper, Erionota thrax. An attack can be detected at a very early stage as the larvae start making the rolls shortly after hatching from the egg. The moth is brown with three yellow spots on the forewings.

In case of an outbreak, hand-removal of the easily found leaf rolls is the best option for control; however, if this is not possible, chemical treatment directed at the newly-hatched larvae may be effective, but is seldom required Ashari and Eveleens, Also see other supporters A critical review of yhrax literature on the pest Erionota spp. Stevens LM, Kikuchi R, The Bombay Natural History Society.

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