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So, many teachers asked Lopez Ramos for his ideas and concepts about guitar instruction, in order that those teachers might incorporate them for the mutual benefit of themselves and their students. Cuentos de Vida, Amor y Muerte. A mission of Lopez Ramos is te contribute different methods for guitarists ultimately to arrive, on a large scale, at the same level as pianists, violinists, and violoncellists, for example.

Music Sheets C_D

It seems to me that those studies, for their musical importance, should be given once the student has spent four or five years studying, and not in the first months. Lopez Ramos recalled to this author how Segovia, especially early in his concert career but even later on, would play simple, innocent works for the guitar such as a minuet by Sor, or a Catalonian folk diatonicws arranged by Miguel Llobet, and with just a few notes Segovia would consistently captivate his audiences.

This Diploma is already recognized by some universities in Mexico as official and valid. El sonido de la guitarra es como la voz interior del hombre, llena de lejania y nostalgia. What will be studied, and how, is defined by the metodologia or curriculum which will be discussed in Chapter IV, and the needs of the individual student.

I limit myself to teaching all those who want to make music, because it’s their right.

Aprende a flexionar las notas. Therefore, if a person feels the need to be of service, and realizes that need as a teacher, then perhaps everyone will be best served if that teacher recognizes the responsibility of guiding the way for all individuals who are enamored with the sounds of an instrument, but do not know how to reproduce those sounds.

Therefore, the rest stroke, the apoyade, cannot be cast aside as unfortunately the young guitarists, with exceptions, have dene. A question which, in the opinion of diatonicxs author, should be addressed is whether or not and if so to what degree any of this tradition which has been established by Manuel Lopez Ramos in Mexico can be applied to better the situation of classical guitar students and teachers in the United States? How one places the guitar upon the legs, how one places the forearm and arm on the edge of the guitar, how one places the hand perpendicular to the strings, how one should learn, step by step,the individual movements of each finger, thus learning as a group the distinct attacks of the fingers with respect te the strings, the free stroke, the rest stroke, all of this, so that the future guitarist will have elements that will be of service in his or her development, and come to make music without problems or limitations.


Composed by Caterina Allesandra. The reason for all students being treated on an equal escals is found in the philosophy of the school which fosters the belief that all human beings have the right to make music. And last, but not least, to the many family members and friends not mentioned specifically, and to the memory of Chet Short. Lopez Ramos reasoned that teaching one student with natural ability does not establish a precedent for a school of guitar. What the author refers to is the typical scenario of an entering college freshman who desires to be a guitaera performance major and chooses the guitar as the principal instrument.

Pomilio, Tomás

It was Lopez Ramos’s discovery that the fingerings for his right hand were totally improvised, and were net esfalas in any intentional manner. I believe in the principle that every human being has the right to make music, to play music, because this is a language learned from the most tender infancy.

You are a normal human being and that is enough. It has been Lopez Ramos’ experience escalqs if there is no logic behind that student’s approach, then, while there may not be a problem in the beginning when the studies are easy, the possible immediate success can be short-lived once the technical demands increase and the fingers get in the way of one another due to poor hand positioning.


Even with this obvious demand for guitar instruction, Lopez Ramos has no intention of expanding gkitarra size of his school.

a l e s s e r f a t e: Escalas: diatónicas

For instance, if a person with normal dkatonicas who is not seeking a concert career wishes to learn to play the guitar, then the minimum amount of time this person must dedicate te acheive this goal is one hour per day.

The above quote, from a conversation the author had with Manuel Lopez Ramos in Mexico City, may explain why a gifted performer cares more about teaching, perhaps, than performing; and not just teaching the very gifted, but anyone with a sincere desire to learn. I was having to play with great force, with great dynamics, with great intensity in order to make music, and in guitarrra that the sounds might flow in the concert hall, might reach the furthest seats.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. When Lopez Ramos came to Mexico, it was not with the intention of teaching, much less of opening and maintaining 10 a school.

Robert Bluestone goes on to explain that the didactic material he listed will optimally take up approximately two-fifths of the practice time for the student. If he’s curious, and he keeps loeking–you lead the student te the door, but he has te go through the door.

By giving of oneself in the teaching experience, one can feel not only useful in this life, but that one has contributed te making the world a better place in which to live. When the music is being memorized, the sound of that music and the movements of the hands and fingers associated with these sounds become stored in the subconscious mind. Tarrega y etres,” and VI, “Tecnica Superior.

The reason for the classes running overtime, and in most cases they did, was because he would not be held to an absolute amount of time with a student, only a general amount of time.

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