Many translated example sentences containing “estenosis mitral o aórtica” – English-Spanish dictionary más común de estenosis mitral es: fiebre reumática , [. Full Text Available La estenosis mitral usualmente es causada por fiebre reumática. A pesar de ser una patología poco frecuente en los países desarrollados. Ese daño puede ser causado por la fiebre reumática. A menudo, las personas que tienen una estenosis tricuspídea también tienen una estenosis mitral.

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Survival and risk of reoperation for patients with Marfan syndrome were similar to those for patients with myxomatous mitral disease.

We studied 20 patents with mitral valve replacement due to rheumatic mitral stenosis, in the period from January to December We treated a year-old woman with mitral stenosis caused by pannus formation after Duran ring annuloplasty. Defect in mitochondrial functions in damaged human mitral valve. In this group only one patient subsequently needed a mitral valve replacement operation. Sign in via Shibboleth.

Common cardiac trauma after the blunt chest injury BCI is cardiac contusion; it is very rare to have cardiac valve injury. Soft left apical diastolic murmurs were heard only in 4 dogs, whereas 8 dogs had systolic murmurs characteristic of mitral regurgitation.

The preferred therapy is restoration of mitral competence through mitral valve repair, which mitrral safer than mitral valve replacement. Traumatic mitral valve injury can involve valve leaflet, chordae tendineae, or papillary muscles.

A 60 year-old patient with osteogenesis imperfecta and associated symptomatic moderate to severe mitral regurgitation underwent transthoracic echocardiography which showed a nondilated left ventricle with preserved systolic function and moderate to severe mitral regurgitation.

Pathophysiology of Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation: Factors leading to progression of valvular aortic stenosis. The first family represented 2 successive nonconsanguineous marital unions with 3 generations of mitral valve clicks. Furthermore, it was believed that less spreading of the incision, no ruematica with the diaphragm and less tissue dissection might improve outcomes, particularly respiratory function.

Información de Salud

In functional MR, the mitral valve has a normal anatomy, which distinguishes this type of insufficiency from organic MR. Cardiol Clin ; J Card Surg ; 9: A transthoracic echocardiography TTE revealed normal left ventricular wall motion and mild mitral regurgitation MR. The consequences of such marital union on progeny is currently unclear and warrants future investigation. The mitral valve injury during chest trauma occurs when extreme pressure is applied at early systole during the isovolumic contraction between the closure of the mitral reumagica and the opening of the aortic valve.


Patients were evaluated clinically and by echocardiography every year. Management of the patient with asymptomatic aortic stenosis. J Am Soc Echocardiogr ; A laboratory investigation demonstrated a clinical picture of obstructive jaundice. Histological and inmunohistochemical studies. All in the family: We believe that repair is always the optimal surgical procedure for any of the above etiologies if it is consistent with a long-term result. Rheumatic heart disease is a common cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality worldwide, mostly in developing countries.

Otherwise it is hidden from view. We can conclude that MV repair for degenerative mitral regurgitation is associated with low probability of reoperation for up to two decades after surgery.

Mitral regurgitation MR encompasses a rumatica heterogeneous group and its treatment is governed by determining a clear understanding of the underlying aetiology. Mitral valve replacement with posterior leaflet preservation was shown beneficial for postoperative left pro LV performance in patients with mitral regurgitation. We reviewed the medical records of consecutive patients with Marfan syndrome treated surgically between March 17,and September 12,for mitral regurgitation and performed a subanalysis of those with repairs compared with case-matched patients with myxomatous mitral valve disease who had repairs March 14,to July 5, The history of a patient suffering from congenital heart failure due to a calcified aortic stenosis, with a relatively complex picture of heart arrhytmia, that was admitted at home and treated by dstenosis basic working group in his health area, is described.

We fiebe the case of a 62 year old woman with rheumatic heart disease resulting in mitral stenosis and atrial fibrillation. We investigated a long term effect of this technique in patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis. Such simulations can then be used for a detailed analysis of chordae-related diseases.


This could result from thrombus formation, development of pannus, or a combination of both. Durability was assessed by longitudinal recurrence of mitral regurgitation and reoperation. The knowledge about these are very important to determination of performance, time and method of cardiac surgery in mitral valvular heart diseases.


Unexpectedly suboptimal symptom improvement led to the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism 1 month after the intervention. Myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs – an update and perspectives.

It comprises a combination of calcium, fatty acids, and cholesterol, and is characterized by heterogeneity in echocardiographic images, with peripheral areas of calcification surrounding a central area of echolucency, resembling a periannular mass. The echocardiogram is the main diagnostic modality of mitral valve injuries. Role of percutaneous mitral valve repair in the contemporary management of mitral regurgitation.

Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty is an effective and relatively safe procedure in the management of the mitral stenosis. New insights into the progression of aortic stenosis implications for secondary prevention.

Acta Med Scand ; Main topic of this thesis is mitral insufficiency – its etiology and pathogenesis, clinical picture, therapy, the possibility of prosthetic valves and post surgery complications. Because mitral valve replacement using a prosthetic valve was not feasible in this small baby, mitral valve replacement with a pulmonary autograft was performed. We have demonstrated that mitral regurgitation due to organic mitral valve disease from various etiologies can be surgically treated with a high repair rate, low early mortality and long-term survival that are comparable to the matched general population.

We conducted a systematic review of randomized trials through a more sensitivity search strategy and rigorous criteria applied for the type of studies.

Arch Pediatr Uruguay ; 40 2: The best follow-up results are obtained with isolated prolapse of the posterior leaflet, however even with isolated prolapse of the anterior leaflet or prolapse of both leaflets the results are gratifying, particularly in young patients.

Therefore, in case of inevitable mitral restenosis after closed or open commisurotomy, mitral valve replacement is a promising treatment modality.

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