Editorial Reviews. Review. “Wildly romantic as well as action packed. If Frost keeps this up, Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Eternal Kiss of Darkness ( Night Huntress World Book 2) by [Frost, Jeaniene. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. This is my first Jeaniene Frost novel and it’s one of the hardest to grade that I’ve come across in some time. Truth is while I enjoyed it for the. Put Jeaniene Frost on your must-read list!” —New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian.

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She is strong, mature, caring, loyal, wise and human.

Yet sending her away is unthinkable. Surprisingly Frost’s writing style itself wasn’t as dqrkness to par. I’m guessing it’s more a bit of timing. In my mind he is firmly in his his mid-forties — because you know, those extra twenty years is crucial to reconcile his age to being a year old.

Yes, he is just that adorable. Sign up for my weekly newsletter. I like him more after this book. After he whisks her away to safety after some digging, the two eventually fall in love and bond. With his co-ruler Bones now firmly in place as head of Favorite Quote: To date, foreign rights for her novels have sold to twenty different countries.

Mecheres has been denied sex for a very long time, and that amounts to a very passionate vampire in the bedroom.


Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

At first he thinks it’s because he gave her so much of his blood to heal her There was a progression of attraction and liking and interest! When Radje finds out how much Kira means to Mencheres, will Mencheres be able to keep Kira safe or will his enemy finally get what he wants?

I absolutely loved Kira. Then Kira appears, this fearless, beautiful. The villian is a villian for very human reasons.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness with an Exclusive Excerpt

His voice deepened until it vibrated with something more than his usual accent. I wanted to see more of Kira and Mencheres. He’s jealous, plain and simple. I was very happy when Bones and Vlad stepped into the story. eternla

Eternal Kiss of Darkness

I usually form an opinion immediately when reading or at least when I finish. As Mencheres and Kira become closer, an old enemy is out to destroy Mencheres and because of the bond he has formed with Kira she becomes a pawn in a powerful vampire war which eventually leads to her turning.

If she was not so honest and forward, they would have never gotten together.

This is a darker vampir I have no idea what to say about this book. I think it was the lack in the romance department. Something that very rarely happens with humans. Other books in the series. The love scenes were nice and steamy, borderline erotic in a couple of places, and there were some funny moments, but the humor was definitely not as strong as in the previous books. Surely Mancheres has ran into another intelligent, compassionate and creative woman throughout all the years he’s been alive.


My only real comment wo It was okay for what it’s supposed to be – just a sexy story. The book starts out with Mencheres’s certainty that his time is growing short–he sees nothing but darkness in his future, with darkness equaling “death”. But here the progress is slow er and believable, and there is no drastic character rewrite or sugarcoating.

I only have a few minor complaints about the book. Moreover, I have betrayed almost everyone I’ve loved, including participating in my wife’s murder and withholding frosf information from my co-ruler.

Distractions, mainly in the form of other books, kept luring me away and I succumbed to temptation. Kira, also, was no moronic girl who couldn’t be trusted to tie her own shoes without a man guiding her. But honestly I am not really sure why she loved the Hero. It was a well written and well developed story.

But with danger closing in, Mencheres must choose either the woman he craves, or embracing the darkest magic to defeat an enemy bent on his eternal destruction.

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