Configuring EtherChannels. LACP EtherChannels and the ad provider- bridge mode are mutually exclusive. LACP. EtherChannels cannot transmit traffic . Cheatsheet. no comment on–Enable Etherchannel only “Manual On Mode” passive–Enable Switch1(config)# interface port-channel 2. Part of Cisco Networking All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet EtherChannel allows you to take up to eight network ports on your switch and treat them as a.

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Comments Dear Sir, if i do not use the trunk port command,,then it will work for LACP or not…means i do not cgeat trunk for vlan thanks. Sai guest March 10, etherchwnnel 5: This increases bandwidth but also enhances redundancy between the switches. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Deep6 February 18, at 3: Vishnu guest April 8, at If anyone knows the reason or if anyone has tried or misconfigured it so that you defined the channel-protocol as one thing and the mode as another I would like to know the results.

EtherChannel considerations –

Each protocol listed above has three modes of operation which dictate if the switch will actively seek to form an Etherchannel link or will wait for the other end to form the link. EtherChannel provides load-balancing only per frame, not per bit. Etherchanne helps protect against switching loops caused by misconfiguration; when enabled, an EtherChannel will ssheet be formed after successful negotiation between its two ends.


These protocols manage the channel establishment between the switches:.

I figured it out! If we connect the two switches together with a single 1Gbps interface, then it could potentially be a bottleneck to traffic from users to servers especially for high-volume applications. Cisco Switch Network Design. Dinger guest January 18, at 2: I’m wondering why there is even an option to define which protocol to use with the “channel-protocol lacp” or “channel-protocol pagp” command since you define the protocol with which mode is used: I was configuring mtu on the interface which I shouldn’t be doing.

S1 config port-channel load-balance? I mean “Bandwidth and Cost” I’ve heard that the number of links in Etherchanel must be 2 or 4 or 8 and so on.

When configuring etherchannel between two switches, should they have the same number in both ends? With Etherchannel, we can bundle together up to 8 interfaces to form a single logical link Port-Channel and traffic is load-balanced between all interfaces.

For example, a Catalyst can match only against a frame’s destination or source MAC address:. The show etherchannel load-balance command reveals that source MAC address load-balancing is default on the Catalyst Because members can still fail individually, the bandwidth of a port-channel interface can fluctuate without going down. You have a skill to take the core of these concepts and express it in a brief, concise way. So the moral of the story is use 2,4,or 8 member Port-channels and your port-channels on distro switches need to use IP based load-balancing.

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In our example above, 4x1Gbps interfaces were bundled together thus forming a 4Gbps pipe from users to servers. On a 2 member port-channel the load balancing uses the last binary bit.

Rupesh guest November 21, at 3: Talal guest May 13, at However, note the timing of the system messages:. Another consideration to make when etherchajnel EtherChannels is the type of load-balancing in effect. EtherChannel Bandwidth and Costs Finally, remember that the perceived bandwidth of a port-channel interface is equal to the sum of its active member links.

I just etherchannle this out real quick. Any of these three mechanisms will suffice for most scenarios, however the choice does deserve some consideration.

(Cheat Sheet

I am not sure what I am doing wrong! EtherChannel is Cisco’s term for bundling two or more physical Ethernet links for the purposes of aggregating available bandwidth and, to a lesser extent, providing a measure of physical redundancy.

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