Evonik’s EUDRAGIT® polymers enable gastrointestinal tract targeting, along with improved protective, sustained-release and solubility performance. Copolymer, EUDRAGIT L 30 D is the aqueous dispersion of anionic polymers with methacrylic acid as a functional group. Physical properties: It is a. Pellets were coated with Eudragit L 30 D using fluidized bed processor. Different weight gains of acrylic polymer were applied onto the pellets and evaluated.

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The carboxylic groups ionize in aqueous media at pH 5. Data sheets for overmetals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. The results indicated that it is possible to prevent the acidic degradation of sod PAS in upper GI tract which ultimately affect the bioavailability of drug and will help to reduce the dose, by development of multiparticulate system coated with pH dependent polymers using extrusion spheronization technique and fluidized bed processor.

Drug turns brown when comes in contact with air due to oxidation of phenolic group in benzene moiety, therefore 0. Acrylates Copolymer Information provided by Evonik.

At lower speed rpm dumbbell shaped and irregular pellets were observed. The packed bulk density was calculated as the quotient of the weight and volume sedimented.

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All the reagents and solvents used were of analytical grades. Average pellet size was determined by sieve analysis and found to be Optimized process conditions and parameters are listed in Table 1. Eudragut cellulose PH has been found to be an effective diluent in extrusion spheronization. The dry ingredients were combined and mixed in twin-shell blender for 20 min and then transferred to planetary mixture where eucragit aqueous binder solution prepared with HPMC E5, was slowly added.


Fluidized bed coater performed enteric coating. In order to avoid the gastric irritation and degradation of drug in upper gastro intestinal tract, above developed pellets were further coated with enteric polymer.

The pellets were fluidized for 15 min. Pellets were then transferred from the fluidized bed and the residual powder was removed prior to recording the final weight. Eudrwgit appreciate your input.

Acrylates Copolymer Information provided by Evonik Vendors: An over coat was added to Sod PAS pellets that were coated with Eudragit L 30 D to prevent the sticking of the pellets during dissolution studies and storage. Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: Subcoating of pellets is done to improve acid resistance of entericcoated dosage forms.

Highly water-soluble drugs require higher polymer coating levels than poorly soluble compounds for sustained or delayed drug release.

Pellets | Extrusion/spheronization | Eudragit L 30 D55 | Fluidized Bed Coater | Enteric-coated

The fluid bed coating is currently a widely used technique because it allows, among the other applications, crystals or granules to be coated with a variety of available polymers to provide gastroresistant or controlled release system. A burst effect has so far not been reported with multiparticulate systems. The total out put of extrudate is mainly governed by the extrusion speed. The focus of the present study was to produce pellets as multi-particulate delivery system, because of its advantages over monolithic dosage forms.

A magnetic stirrer was used to continually mix eydragit coating dispersion during the coating process to prevent sedimentation.

Process conditions and parameters used for preparation of g batch of optimized pellets. The contents, results, and technical data from this site may not o30 reproduced either electronically, photographically or substantively without permission from MatWeb, LLC. Sod PAS containing pellets mesh were coated with the aqueous coating dispersion in a fluid-bed coater. In preliminary trials, various formulation combinations Table 3 and conditions including spheronization speed, amount of granulating liquid, and spheronization time were investigated to produce spherical and smooth surface pellets Table 2.


Shape and surface characteristics were determined by scanning electron microscope using gold sputter technique. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb.

EUDRAGIT® L 30 D-55 Spray Suspension Formulation

eudravit We advise that you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding error. Similarly pellets were also prepared with varying amount of granulating liquid, higher granulating liquid content resulted in harder pellets that could be a factor in delaying dissolution behavior.

Ten percent aqueous solution of PEG 8. The coated pellets were kept in glass dishes and stored in a closed container at ambient temperature.

Pellet size and size distribution was determined for coated pellets with different weight gain and it was found to be narrow in distribution fig. The repose angle was determined by height and radius of the resulting pellets. Parameters Value Spheronization speed rpm Spheronization load g Spheronization time 2 minute Amount of eudragt liquid 65 ml Screen used 1.

Twenty grams of pellets were poured gradually through a funnel in to 50 ml graduated cylinder, tapped lightly on hard surface and the volume measured. Subscribe to our Newsletter All our latest content delivered eydragit your inbox.

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