An enchanting love story set in the Amazon, by the award-winning and bestselling author of Journey to the River Sea, Eva Ibbotson. Eva Ibbotson – A Company of Swans – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I won’t call it a home because it was just a building. He’s one of those characters designed to appeal to females. The real Harriet would have waited. Views Read Edit View history.

The story was great. Was it all due to the wri An odd book, with some beautiful writing, and an absolutely spot-on-target evocation of the ballet life.

After all your glowing reviews, I have yet to try this author. Now I am someone who knows very little about ballet, but I never found it hard to follow. Class in freezing rehearsal rooms, in foyers, ibnotson board ocean liners carrying them across the sea.

A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson – review

Edward has married a slightly violent Russian girl named Olga, a previous member of Harriet’s ballet company. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Kept on an unbelievably tight rein by her scholar father and spinster aunt, her only outlet is the weekly ballet lessons that have somehow slipped under the radar.

One day, a lesson is visited by Sasha Dubrov, a famous ballet aa who asks Harriet to join his company for a tour of South America, which will begin in Manaus. So, in conclusion, if you’re looking for a light YA romantic novel, and you don’t mind some romantic cliches, read it! A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotsen. I still couldn’t put it down.

Defying her father’s wishes and narrowly escaping the clutches of the man who wishes to marry her, Harriet sneaks off to join the ballet on their journey to the Amazon. The time period is one of my favorites. Meaning age 12ish or above? This book took me on such a journey, and the romance in this one completely won me over. I’m really very much hoping that’s the case because it’s the story of an eighteen year old girl who runs away to Brazil to be a xwans dancer and falls in love with a man who’s “not quite thirty”.


Rom’s old flame shows up. She grew up in such a harsh atmosphere, but instead of making her afraid or bitter, is made her thirsty for information a I surprised myself and liked this book more than I thought I would.

There is much to say for and against authors who could be called formulaic. I really like this author’s books for swanns younger readers so I was excited to read this young adult romance.

Basically one just sits down with each character and gets their life story in third person. Besides ibgotson, though, I found nothing redeeming about this book. Her only joy is taking ballet at the Sonia Lavarre Academy of Dance. I needed this delicate romance after the trauma of Mockingjay. I’m starting to notice a theme in her books- young, not traditionally attractive girl who is involved in wwans kind of performing art company catches the attention on an older, tall, dark, and handsome, brooding rich man.

Harriet Morton is cabin’d, cribb’d, confin’d by the conventions of Edwardian Cambridge. To ask other readers eeva about A Company of Swansplease sign up. I liked that she was Good. I cannot condone what she did, even though her story other than a few parts was delightful. Why should the reader consider him as eternally faithful to Harriet?

Desert Isle Keeper

Her actions are plotted and ignored throughout the book and suddenly she is with Rom how did she get there? The love interest in this one is Rom, who seems to be quite a typical Ibbotson leading man. With all her heartache Harriet still managed to find love through the art of ballet.


Her scaffolding sounds like the bulding blocks for almost every romance I ever read. The main character, in every other respect a very moral, sweet, good role model of a girl, wakes up in her lovers arms rejoicing that she was now “ruined”.

And on top of it all Mar 24, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s definitely kind of tropy but also makes fun of those tropes at the same time. She attended Bedford College, graduating in ; Cambridge University from ; and the University of Durham, from which she graduated with a diploma in education in Is this a kids book?

A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson

Books by Eva Ibbotson. Ok, I don’t know if I can justly review this because I didn’t finish it. So when she is chosen to join a corps de ballet which is setting off on a tour of the Amazon, she leaps at the chance to run away for good.

On the first night in Manaus, Harriet’s performance attracts the swns of Rom Verney, a wealthy Englishman who Harriet soon correctly suspects is ‘The Boy’ that Henry mentioned. It just isn’t believable. May 22, E.

Mar 21, AlixJamie rated it did not like it. The romantic lead, evz so often happened in romances written in that particular day and age sfell in love with her instantly, and then just as promptly decided that she needed protecting and sheltering. She leaves without saying goodbye to Rom, and returns with the ballet company to England, intending to travel on to Russia and perform.

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