Diaphragmatic eventration refers to an abnormal contour of the diaphragmatic dome. It typically affects only a segment of the hemidiaphragm, compared to. If you would like to request permissions directly from Taylor & Francis, please complete and submit a Permissions form. For more information. La morbi-mortalité de la plicature diaphragmatique est très faible, davantage liée aux Mots clés: Paralysie diaphragmatique, Éventration diaphragmatique.

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Differentiating diaphragmatic paralysis and eventration. Published online Dec Endoscopic reduction of gastric volvulus: Chest roentgenogram revealing an elevated left evfntration and a shift of the lower mediastinum to right.

Case report

Over time this region stretches and on inspiration does not contract normally. Hernigou bM. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Elevation of the affected portion of the diaphragm is usually seen as a smooth hump, while the remainder of the hemidiaphragm contour is normal.

Three days later patient developed an episode of upper abdominal discomfort with recurrent retching and production of little vomitus. Cases and diaphragmatiqke Imaging differential diagnosis. Grand aP.

Eventration of diaphragm with gastric volvulus: a case report

Gastrointestinal GI symptoms may even predominate eventation related to volvulus of the stomach with intermittent or complete diaphragmatlque obstruction. Primary gastric volvulus, making up one third of cases, occurs when the stabilizing ligaments are too lax as a result of congenital or acquired causes.


Computed Tomography CT upper abdomen after 24 hours revealed total eventration of left hemidiaphragm and stomach in its normal position. Pulmonary function test PFT revealed a mixed obstructive — restrictive pattern.

The clinical presentations of diaphragm dysfunctions vary according to etiologies and unilateral or bilateral diseases. Chest examination revealed a hyperinflated chest. Elevation of the hemidiaphragm from peripheral origins, the most frequent situation, requires a surgical treatment only in case of major functional impact.

Case presentation A 60 years old asian male, labourer presented with progressively increasing shortness of breath for last 3 years that was more in the supine position. The severity of either symptom depends on presence or absence of underlying pulmonary disease. Two main indications have been validated: For either central or peripheral diaphragm dysfunctions, a successful surgical treatment lies on a strict preoperative selection of patients.

About Blog Go ad-free. Secondary gastric volvulus, making up the remainder of cases, occurs in association with a paraesophageal hernia or other congenital or acquired diaphragmatic defects.

NNS and MM made substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data and drafting the manuscript. There was no history of chest pain or atopy.

A combined organo-axial and mesenteroaxial rotation is the least common type. Repair with GoreTex surgical mesh. Management of diaphragmatic eventration varies greatly depending on whether the diagnosis is made in infants or adults.

From physiology to surgery. You can move this window by clicking on the headline. Conclusion Symptomatic gastric volvulus associated with diaphragmatic eventration is a surgical emergency and always requires surgical repair.


Diaphragm paralysis, Diaphragm eventration, Diaphragm plication, Spinal cord injury, Phrenic pacing, Diaphragm pacing. Eventration is a congenital anomaly of the diaphragm characterized by muscular aplasia and subsequent abnormal elevation of an intact hemidiaphragm.

Plication of left hemidiaphragm with anterior gastropexy was done via an abdominal left subcostal incision. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy as a treatment for chronic gastric volvulus.

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We are reporting a case of a year-old male having left sided total diaphragmatic eventration associated with chronic intermittent organo-axial gastric volvulus. Auscultation evenntration vesicular breath sounds with prolonged expiration and decreased breath sounds on left side. Abstract Background Eventration of diaphragm associated with gastric volvulus is an uncommon condition. Eventration of the diaphragm Diaphragm eventration Eventration of diaphragm.

Eventration of the diaphragm. Log in Sign up. Access to the full text of this article requires a subscription. Pediatric gastric volvulus — Experience with 7 cases. The patient presented with progressive dyspnea and intermittent gastrointestinal symptoms. Please review our privacy policy.

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