KA Applegate did a Reddit IAMA session in The implication seems to be that her decision to stop writing the Everworld novels was driven by dramatically . Search for Senna (Everworld #1) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David’s girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the. EverWorld Set (Ever World) [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete set

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Click me to read spoilers All except Senna, who I thoroughly despised as you are supposed to. Small Review Busts the Newbie Blue Each book is narrated by one of the four teens, and slowly their inner thoughts, morals, feelings, fears, and personal demons are explored.

Reading the series again as an adult.

Since then there has been plenty of good media about Norse mythology overshadowing just about everything else. Waiting on Wednesday 5 Book Review: You turn the page and that’s the end of the book. There is a very complex world being set up but the reader is not given anyway near enough information to really understand, but I do think that is because the book is so short.

You know, war of Troy, Greeks against Trojans. There was no ending.

  LC 42D64U PDF

We were just kids. Applegate’s; she is unafraid to make almost painfully real characters and address touchy subjects with zeal.

The Aztecsin their Everworld incarnation, are portrayed as an utterly savage and barbaric society. I loved that the guy who wanted to be such a leader–David–ended up peeing himself during a time when he wanted to be brave, and was very ashamed.

I love how he’s secretly view spoiler [ruled by his compulsions hide spoiler ] and how his denial of the irrational has driven him to become this brilliant kid: Applegate has to establish a lot in this introduction, which means it suffers a bit as a book.

No wonder David is insecure about appearing weak and fearful — we see from these scenes how he has dealt with horrible situations in the past, and how he is not proud of it. The books were also much more than I was expecting.

Applegate’s mature and mindful take on the lives of teenagers, often in fantastic situations with lovely world building abounding. At the beginning of the final book, Entertain the Endwith Senna dead, David and the others wonder if the Sennites might forge an alliance with Ka Anor ; this forces the four to make a deal with the gods in order to stem the threat.

This book and the series takes you through a fun journey of twists and turns. Get Known if you don’t have an account. I will, however, give Jormungandr points for being as creepy as a snake can be with maybe three sheets of page time.


Search for Senna by K. A. Applegate | Scholastic

Throne of Glass Series. Has there been any interest shown in that regard? And his trolls were the Stormtroopers of the Everworld universe only without the sleekly awesome uniform. Land of Loss by Katherine Applegate. I used to love this series as a kid and now picked it up again, having realized that for some evedworld I never finished all the books.

The action scenes are heart-pounding adrenaline rushes described at break-neck speed. Like nymphs, they are about four feet tall and rather thin. AMA Note that I’ve edited slightly to remove chatter.

Search for Senna

Can you explain why you ended it the way you did? Dwarves are a mountain dwelling race. A technologically advanced race living under the Everworld’s ocean. I was really into this series when

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