Exalted Malfeas has 47 ratings and 0 reviews. A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted sett. A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted setting, this supplement focuses on Malfeas, Hell of the. Ligier is great among the demons of Malfeas. He guards many treasures that he holds dear; he has many goals that he would see fulfilled.

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These are just a few of the Yozis, who define their prison with their very nature. Hordes of lesser demons work tirelessly around the city to tear down and rebuild according to the whim of Princes or their own perverse nature.

Malfeas – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

How Bad Is Malfeas? The Hollow Knight serves as his right hand in such things. Through indiscriminate suffering men know fear and fear is the most divine emotion. Malfeas inspiration An angry shmir is a noisy shmir, and a noisy shmir is never a good thing unless it’s your breath and Essence making the noise. Something just occurred to me: Quendalon Added stats for the Ihiyo, will work on the stats for Kujulu soonish.

Mike Castaldo rated it it was ok Feb 08, Well, the Massassi don’t really have flesh, blood or bone either. Clariandra holds dominion over any lesser being who accepts any favor from her or her household, no matter how small; thus-indebted mortals and First or Second Circle demons are bound to her service, and must fulfill even the vilest and most self-destructive commands.


Of all the Yozis, Malfeas hates the world most. Now I’m going to do a longer story arch in Malfeas, and I’d like some visual or otherwise!

Malfeas inspiration – Onyx Path Forums

I’ve gone along with question arising from Second Edition conceptions of the Yozis before, but this is a thing concerning the Demon Realm as a whole, and that’s one that really deserves to not get lost under the morass of such ideas.

She imprisons her three favorite children: Last edited by TheCountAlucard ; Berserk, I’d recommend the manga over the anime, but both depict demons and a hell scape that are active and interested in the mortal world.

Kill Six Billion Demons is plenty gory and horrifying, but it really doesn’t compare in sheer graphic, sexualized awfulness. Discovered the 1st circle demon Patrok in Aspect Book: Login or Sign Up Log in with.

When touched with blood, their limbs unfurl into spastic, thrashing motion and their true functionality is revealed. Ashley rated it liked it Aug 07, Following through a few leads from Bloodborne into Google Image has cemented a desire to read this story. As for Ebby he’s not that bad. Should his visor be pried up, the armor falls away in a heap, lifeless and empty.

The upper halves of their faces are concealed by eyeless iron masks. While his creator is an architect beloved by all who see her smiling face, Kujulu is rarely seen at all.

Cassie rated it really liked it May 23, The day serpent’s venom makes its victim turn to fire in sunlight; the twilight serpent’s victim fades away when he steps out of shadow, and the night serpent’s victim turns to black ice in the darkness. Will Creation’s Exalted be able to set aside their differences to end this threat, or will the akuma among them sabotage the Exalts’ efforts from within? Jasperidthe Precious Serpent FourWillowsWeeping These serpents of Malfeas are made of agate and onyx, and have triple-forked golden tongues.


You exqlted check them out. Lists with This Book. It is hell, and the guy in charge isn’t happy about it either – so you don’t get to be happy.

VolskExpressive, the Greenfire Cerebrate Han’ya Camped in an immense circus tent between Mosarel’s shoulders, Volsk takes the form of a great floating blaze of green boreal fire, within which is mapfeas visible the outline of a withered body curled like a cut stem beneath a gigantic head. Even Malfeas lets you disappear after 10, years.


Added stats for the Ihiyo, will work on the stats for Kujulu soonish. JolentaWisdom, the Creeping Oracle FourWillowsWeeping Three serpents writhe inside Jolenta’s clockwork bowel; she is an orrery, a nest of silver and brass hoops and gears, supporting revolving orbs of precious unearthly stone. I’m looking for tips for artists, pictures or whatnot. BaashaelReflective, the Apostle of Blood Han’ya Wearing a robe of hair-thin copper wire, Baashael has the form of a seething column of dark blood taller than a man half again.

Originally posted by Mercurial View Post. The war would be endless as Malfeas’ eternal rage. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

The personalities of the weak-minded are overwritten and replaced with insane savagery at his will. Originally posted by nalak42 View Post.

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