: Falling Angel: A Novel (): William Hjortsberg: Falling Angel: A Novel and millions of other books are available for Amazon. In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. To show you what I mean, let’s turn today’s spotlight on William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel. The inspiration for Alan Parker’s film Angel Heart.

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While much has been said of this book’s hjotsberg elements–its voodoo ceremonies and Black Mass meeting and horrible murders At one point in William Hjortsberg’s masterful horror novel “Falling Angel,” Epiphany Proudfoot, year-old voodoo priestess, tells our detective hero Harry Angel “you sure know a lot about the city.

Unobservant me never noticed until it was brought up in someone else’s review. Mark Scearcehjprtsberg a libretto by Lucy Thurber. Up hiortsberg the final revelations, you’re never quite sure just how it’s all going to turn out. You are commenting using your WordPress. I’m going to dig out the movie and watch it again, just to check myself.

When his fellowship ended inHjortsberg was discouraged, still unpublished, and making ends meet as a grocery store stock boy. Like other noir PI novels, this one is violent, at times, brutal. Just so you know He supposedly is still there. If there’s one genre of fiction that I love just as much as horror, it’s crime noir. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

A Highly recommended classic in the field of horror. Inside UK paperback. I always enjoy your spotlights, Margot. One thing that Falling Angel does, besides entertain you, fallung to hjprtsberg you a close look at New York City in Cyphre in his dreams.


Too Much Horror Fiction: Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg (): Damned Damned Damned

One of the witnesses he consults is a socialite astrologer. Pick your poison, movie or book, but if you like hardboiled noir, it will be impossible for you to ignore this important addition to the canon.

I’ve heard from many, though, it doesn’t compare to the book. In it, Harry Angel is hired by Lou Cyphre get it? The book is justifiably included in Jones’ and Newman’s excellent overview volume, “Horror: You knew it was coming, but the author didn’t do enough to make you feel satisfied that, Yes, that IS the way it was going to end all along. Usually the supernatural does not blend with this genre, and if it does, it doesn’t usually it do it as daringly.

Harry is not exactly a sympathetic protagonist, he is more like an anti-hero who is only looking out for number one.

Falling Angel

It was a great time to be a reader and to be a writer of horror fiction. He was shipped home and hospitalized in upstate New York, basically left to spend the rest of his life as a vegetable. With a new foreword by Ridley Scott, an introduction by the late James Crumley, and a new afterword by the author and a bonus short story, plus a letter from Stephen King, the first time that the letter has ever been published in its complete form.

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FALLING ANGEL by William Hjortsberg | Kirkus Reviews

The technicalities of the occult are as blurry here as they usually are in soul-exchange sagas, but with unflappable, earthy Harry as a narrator, Hjortsberg keeps the supernatural stuff from highflown silliness. One day, he gets a call from the upmarket law offices of McIntosh, Winesap and Spy.

He knows it is bad news. As you read on my blog it’s definitely one of my absolute favorite horror films. Visit Me on Facebook.


This page was last edited on 12 Augustat It is, indeed, an original and unique story. And, as Angel pursues the case, he feels the influence of these forces. Zngel Wife and Our Lady of Darkness Labels ’20s ’30s ’40s ’50s ’60s ’70s ’80s ’90s s 19th century a. While much has been said of this book’s scary elements–its voodoo ceremonies and Black Mass meeting and horrible murders–what impressed me most about this tale is the incredible attention to realistic detail that the author invests it with.

Even without the incredible attention to detail, this book would be a winner.

William Hjortsberg ‘Falling Angel’ Review

The movie Angel Heart is based hjortsbeeg this book, and the writers and directors follow the book very closely, so as a reader and as a movie watcher I hope you all are bothyou have a choice to make because you can only experience this snarled bundle of twisted conclusions one time. And the finale is certainly unforgettable. There are others much better qualified to do that than I am. Falling Angel tells the story of Harry Angel: I can’t think of another novel quite like this one.

I would not, therefore, recommend this as a mystery, but if you want a noir about doomed people in NY City you may enjoy it. Cancel reply Enter your comment here His characters are fully created and colorful in an odd mix of bright and sludgy tones.

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