Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Bullinger describes distinct Scripture figures of speech, defined as a word or sentence in a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or. Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Theology. New Testament. Old Testament. How to Read the Bible.

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A word logically belonging to one connection is grammatically united with another.

Of two words, where the meanings are remotely akin Leviticus One example is “Many Ands” or “Polysyndeton” can be factual. Di’-a-log-is-mos ; or, Dialogue Isaiah Admission of wrong, in order to gain what is right. Po’ly-syn’de-ton ; or, Many Ands Gen.

This figure belongs peculiarly to the original languages. Concluding a sentence by employing an example. Hys’-ter-e-sis ; or, Subsequent Narration Gen. A figure or ensample of something future, and more or less prophetic, called the Anti-type.

Bullinger: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

Association ; or, Inclusion Acts E-nig’-ma ; or, Dark Saying Gen. It is not true to factand therefore it must be a figure. One Case is put for another Case, the governing Noun being used as the Adjective instead of the Noun in regimen.


In’-ter-jec’-ti-o ; or, Interjection Ps. A-syn’-de-ton ; or, No-Ands Mark 7: But for many folks, the Bible is like a box of jigsaw pieces: Of one word, where the Greek receives its real meaning by permutation from another language Gen. Met-o’-ny-my ; or, Change of Noun When one name or noun is used instead of another, to which it stands in a certain relation. A sentence added at the end by way of justification.

Climax ; or, Gradation 2Peter 1: Ant’-i-pros-o’-po-poe-i-a ; or Anti-Personification 2Samuel Additionally, a thorough index to the Figures presented throughout the book is included in the entry selector which can be used to quickly find a particular Figure.

E-jac’-u-la’-ti-o ; or, Ejaculation Hosea 9: The scrolls and texts they read contained the same Fig.

Figures of speech used in the Bible:

The Repetition of Different Words In a similar order but same sense. The expression of feeling or emotion.

Affecting the application of words, as to: A great difficulty for people is not a lack of scripture, but that they have it in pieces. Of nouns numberadjectives, and pronouns Gen. Ac-ro’-stichion ; or, Acrostic Ps. Bullinger for thorough explanations.


Figures of Speech Used in the Bible – Bullinger – SwordSearcher

The enumeration of the parts of a whole which has not been mentioned. A lengthening out by copious exposition of facts. Ep’-an-or-tho-sis ; or, Correction John Sym’-plo-ke ; or, Interwining 1Cor.

It’s better to say figurres if a words deviate from fact, they can be a figure of speech. Par-a-leips-is ; or, a Passing By Hebrews As in the account of Lot’s wife. Not used by the Holy Spirit: Figures of Speech by E. Complex; where the two clauses are mutually involed, and the Ellipsis in the former clause is to be supplied from the latter; and, at the same time, an Ellipsis in the latter clause it be supplied from the former Hebrews

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