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For that sign did represent the name Jehovah and was a memorable emblem of the name filosovia And Divine Plato in his third book de Republica appointed that princes both alive and dead should be celebrated with divine honors, which Institution hath ben received amongst all Nations, even from the first age, viz.

Characters therefore are nothing else then certain unknowable letters and writings, preserving the secrets of the Gods, and names filospfia spirits from the use and reading of prophane [profane] men, which the Ancients called Hyeroglyphicall [hieroglyphical], or sacred letters, because devoted to the secrets of the Gods only. Whither Ulysses is reported in Homer to come, when he sings, Here filosfoia are that be Cymmerian nam’d, Drown’d in perpetuall darkness, it is fam’d, Whom rising, nor the setwthng Sun doth see, But with perpetuall night oppressed be.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Yet they do not deny but that they that have wholly lost their reason, shall in an other life be left to oulta brutish affection and imagination: But we shall here under-write the Oracle of Hecate; for thus she speaks, Marke I will teach What statue thou shalt make For me; boughs of the wood, and wormwood take, Then garnisg it, on’t paint domestick mice; Let ornaments be fair, and of great price.

For as it is certain that none can be saved without the faith of Christ, so it is probable that this faith is preached to many Pagans and Saracens after this life, in those receptacles of souls unto salvation, and that they are kept in those receptacles, as in a common prison, untill the filodofia comes when the great Judge shall examine our actions.

And the Scripture testifieth of Joshuahwho fighting in Gibeoncommanded the Sun and Moonsaying, Sun stand still in Gibeon and thou Moon in the Valley of Ajalon ; and the Sun and the Moon stood still at his command, neither did the Sun set in the space of one day, untill he had revenged himself of his Enemies, and the Lord obeyed the voyce of man; Also Moses divided the red Sea, and Joshua Jordanand led the people over dry shod; The like did Alexander the Macedonian, leading forth his Army; Sometimes also they are endowed with a prophetick spirit, as we read of Chaiaphas in the holy Scripture, that he prophesied, ffilosofia that he was High Priest that year: The soul is a substantiall number, uniform, conversive unto it self, and rationall, very far excelling all bodies and materiall things; the partition of which is not according to the matter, nor proceeding from inferiour and grosser things, but from the efficient cause: Which is more fortunately granted unto blessed souls that like good Angels they should dwell in us, and enlighten us, as we read of Elias, that he being taken from men his spirit fell upon Elisha: Seeing every power and vertue is from above, from God, from the Intelligences and Stars, who can neither agripp nor do evill, it is necessary, that all evill, and whatsoever is found disagreeing and dissonant in filosoofia inferiour things, do proceed, not from the malice of the Influence, but from the evill disposition of the receiver; thus Chysippus rightly sang, They do like fooles accuse the Gods falsly, Make them the cause of all their misery, When as their folly hurts themselves Hence Jupiter calling to minde the case of Aegisthus slain by Orestes, by Homer in the counsel of the Gods, saith, Us Gods do men accuse what vice is this?


Filosofia Oculta/hidden Philosophy (Spanish, Paperback)

When man dies, his body returnes into the earth, from which it was taken: It is also as saith Porphyry the opinion of Magicians, that evill souls are turned into the nature of Divels [devils], ocuota become as pernicious as they; which Christ confirmed, when he spake concerning Judas Iscariot: Moses in Genesis calleth it the breath of life, viz.

Now good spirits, if they may be divers agrppa called up, yet can by no bonds, or vary hardly be allayed by us, but we must by some sacred things beseech them, as we read in Apuleius, by the Celestiall Stars, by the infernall dieties [deities], by the naturall elements, by the silence of the night, by the increase of the Country of Nilus, by the secrets of Memphis and elsewhere is Porphyrie [Porphyry]: But the extrinsecall and vocall word, is the of-spring [offspring] and manifestation of that word, and a spirit proceeding out of the mouth with sound and voice, signifying something: They do now and then distribute these three Classes into nine Chambers, whereof the first is of unites [unities], viz.

The writing called Malachim.

Filksofia this kind there was a mark or sign shewed to Constantine, which many did call the Crosse write upon in Latin letters, In hoc vince i. Therefore to dye [die], is a vain name, and even as Vacuum is no where, so also Death; Therefore we say a man dieth, when his Soul and body are separated, not that anything of them perisheth or is turned into nothing.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. For as the manners and habits of men are in this life, such affections for the most part follow the soul after death, which then calls to mind those things which it did formerly do agrppa its life, and then intently thinks on them, for as much as then the divers offices of life cease, as those of nourishing, growing, generating, and various occupations of senses, and humane affairs, and comforts, and obstacles filosofiq a grosser body.

And Athanasius in his book De Variis Questionibus saith that there is no word more terrible and more destructive to the power of Devils then the beginning of the There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Get to Know Us. The spirit of Saturn is called Sabathiel: Therefore these Heroes have no less power in disposing and ruling these inferior things, than the Gods and angels, and have both their offices and their dignities distributed to them: Hence also the Dutch are thus called, because they named the god Mars, whom they worshipped, Teutan; by which name the Gaules also called Mercury.


Kings, Princes, and Priests, by whom this world is governed, and disposed by their Laws, whom therefore as Gods we receive, worship and reverence, because God himself hath suffered his name to be communicated to them, and by a proper denomination hath confirmed it to them, calling them gods, even as he spake to Moses, saying, I have made thee a God to Pharaoh ; and elsewhere he hath commanded concerning them, saying, Thou shalt not detract from the gods; and again, if Theft shall lie hid, the Master of the House shall apply himself to the Gods; and the Psalmist saith, The princes of the people were gathered together with the God of Abraham: Of these apparitions there are divers examples; such was that which Pliny the Junior makes mention of concerning the house of Athenodorus the Philosopher of Tharsis in which there appeared with a sudden horrible noise the ghost of an old man.

Also we do oftentimes with threats and revilings bind or repell evil spirits, especially the lesser, as Haggs, Incubiand such like, as we read in Lucan concerning that witch saying, I will now call you up by a true name, The stygian dogs I in the light supreme Will leave, and follow you also through grave, From all the Urnes in death I will you save, Thee O Hecate, unto the gods will shew, To whom t’ addresse thy self in other hew, Thou wast wont in wan form, and without grace, And thee forbid to change Erebus his face.

Now assoon as Apollonius knew what it was, grievously reviling it advised his companions to do the like: So the names of them which are endowed with any singular excellency of vertue, or with some desperate wickedness have departed this life, have obtained a place amongst the names of good and bad Demons, and are reckoned amongst them, whether we shall think that the souls of those men or the Genii whether good or bad are signified.

Hence all Antiquity called their princes gods, and worshipped them as divine powers, as Janus testifieth in Ovidin his first book of Fasti saying, When th’ Earth of th’ Gods was potent, I did raign And deities mix’d were with seats humane.

Cornelio Agrippa

Phaniel is the name of an Angel, and of the place where Jacob wrestled all night. Paul the Apostle nameth it the Animall man. Neither are those mere fables which many have recorded of the cave of Patricius, of the den of Vulcan of the Aetnean caves, and of the den of Nursia, many that have seen and known them testifying the same.

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