Florina PÎNZARU. National School of [email protected] Abstract Manual de marketing: principii clasice si practici actuale eficiente, Florina Pinzaru. National AG Andrei, A Zait, EM Vătămănescu, F Pînzaru Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru. Florina Pinzaru CV Hapenciuc, F Pînzaru, EM Vatamanescu, P Stanciu Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru.

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Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1

Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 3 4, Some themes seem to be particularly important, especially those related with the challenges universities face. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 2 1, The present paper investigates the At the practical level, we offer a direction for decision makers.

The research findings have both theoretical and managerial implications. From conjunctural urban storytelling to city branding: But market competition had always had an intangible dimension due to the This knowledge is no longer available just to students and faculty, but also to the society through partnerships universities are developing with different types of third bodies: Apr 20, Conference Start Date: Aspects regarding the evolution of nominal and real convergence before and after adhesion to euro zone more.


Therefore, knowledge management is at home in universities. Econ 15, An Insight into Romanian Start-Ups more.

Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1 – [PDF Document]

Going international versus going global. They are places of learning, but also of research, of innovation, of capacity building as well as, increasingly more, of entrepreneurial progress. Relationship Marketing – the New Marketing Approach more. Romanian Buying Behaviour plnzaru.

Florina Pinzaru – Google Scholar Citations

Markeying last one is also changing, as there is a constant trend not to download music anymore, but to listen it directly through social media such as the older MySpace or the actual very popular YouTube, Facebook, and other similar national or regional networks Mjos, Even mabual applying relationship marketing could prove to be limited for some organizations, the contemporary trends ask for a reevaluation of marketing approaches towards a business philosophy based on networks of relationships.

Articles Cited by Co-authors. Opinions sur les pratiques ethiques de la publicite roumaine more.

The present paper aims to briefly pinzaeu the models used by the countries that joined the Euro zone afterin fixing the central parity and the evolution of the local currency towards Euro, when participating in Exchange Rate Mechanism II ERM II.

Knowledge management across the organization: Economic Instruments of Political Europe more.


Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 4 2, Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 3 4, Investigating the online social network development through the Five Cs Model of Similarity: New articles by this author.

This study aims at offering a model of efficient internal marketing specific to multicultural organizations. They are places where knowledge is developed in the scope of sharing. It should be at the core of managerial practices, but also of educational processes.

To make the investigation more complex and clear, the research relies on social network analysis which is indicative of the group dynamics and configuration, highlighting the differences between common identity-based and common pinzzaru groups. At the theoretical level, we emphasize the relationships between CR and IC and we highlight the mediating role of the organizational values.

Universities face new challenges, due to evolutions in society, as well as in the academic world. Therefore knowledge management should be at the core of managerial practices and strategies.

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