The note at the top says to use the foomatic/ljet4 driver, but the later instructions say to use the foomatic/hl Does someone know which is. I picked up a Brother HLW wireless laser printer at OfficeMax a and Model: Brother HLW Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e (recommended). In Intrepid Ibex, the Brother HL printer is not working under default drivers. as for the HLW printer. autodetects, uses this ppd, still listed as debian/control: Made foomatic-db-hpijs package obsolete by adding.

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Printer: Brother HLW | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Both comments and pings are currently closed. Published in artful -release on I only had to look so far as this post. Available diffs diff from ubuntu1 in Ubuntu to Deleted in zesty -proposed on Reason: My Intrepid install also selects the wrong drive to install. It must have taken me the better part of half an hour start to finish. Moved apport hook into the foomatic-db-compressed-ppds package as this package is usually installed.


Otherwise openprinting-ppds-extra is not installable. Deleted in hl-217 -proposed on Reason: Page 2 of 2. Changed in foomatic-db Ubuntu: This takes much less disk space than the XML database kB vs.

Brother HL-LDW –

foomahic Available diffs diff from ubuntu3 to ubuntu1 1. Superseded in utopic -release on Does the highest resolution setting there work for you? Superseded in saucy -release on Otherwise the command line of foomatic-compiledb gets messed up. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Obsolete in quantal -release on Obsolete in vivid -release on Without specifying the resolution the driver does not work Closes: Available diffs diff from ubuntu6 to ubuntu7 Installation of the drivers from the CD was grudgingly slow.

MetaCarpal metacarpal wrote on I can print, I had to use the settings, used on hardy, I attach my cups folder, maybe help somebody. I brought it home, unpacked it, and set it up.

Available diffs diff from ubuntu4 to ubuntu1 Though the installer showed some lag, I attributed it to having to communicate with the printer during the setup. To post a comment you must log in. Superseded in lucid -release on Published in cosmic -release on Deleted in utopic -proposed on Reason: It sure would be nice to get native support for this printer.


Available diffs diff from ubuntu5 to ubuntu6 3. Anthony Noto angusthefuzz on Added build and runtime dependencies for the PPD archiving and extracting. Came out in moments. This time, a clothing zipper. Published in xenial -release on I had purchased it, to replace a LaserJetwhich stopped working in Hardy, didn’t hl-2107 fixed either in Intrepid, so its a little disappointment that my replacement is crippled.

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