Hi Everyone, I am wondering if someone could let me know how to obtain E and E certificates. They relate to getting healthcare abroad. Siège CNS , route d’Esch L Luxembourg Luxembourg. Tel: (+) 27 57 – 1. Fax: (+) 27 57 – Formulaire de contact. We received the S1(old E) forms this morning. I will post the tel no you need in the morning can’t go downstairs at the mo, hubby watching footie with Irish.

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Thank you for your feedback. Your principal residence is in France, and you collect a retirement pension or disability pension.

Do you have a legal partner or children? In this case, you are excused from joining the French student system. Its rules apply to you.

E106/S1 form

You are living formulairee France for less formulzire 5 years, you do not have a paid activity, you are under retirement age and you do not benefit from any rights from a European country.

Find out more about browsers. If you are not a European citizen and you are not working in France, if you are a student older than 28 years old you have to apply to PUMa protection universelle maladie.


The reimbursements of this healthcare are according to Dutch criteria.

English pages | | Assuré

Following your affiliation, you will be issued a carte Vitale for you and each member of your family above the age of You must also provide us with: Following this declaration, please, provide us with the following documents, before proceeding with your affiliation:. To apply online, you need a Government Gateway user ID and password.

On receipt of form E, please, provide us with: For all further information, please contact us on 0 36 36 46 Monday to Friday, from 8: From January 1stif you are starting this activity, you should make contact with your local Chambre de Commerce and you will also have to send the following documents fomrulaire your local CPAM formulairee your healthcare coverage: Guide to use before filling in this form HTML.

Your European company have seconded you to a job in France. This depends on the healthcare and your country of residence.

For more formlaire, call If you are insured with HollandZorg, you can ask HollandZorg for the form. These documents permit us to affiliate you to our system and to take charge of your medical expenses according to French legislation. You are living in a European country and your family is more or less formukaire living in France.


Contact the French Health Insurance. You are a European citizen, and you are registered at a university or higher education establishment in France. We take serious care of your online data. Send us your enquiry.

Apply by post Ref: Apply for form Register with a healthcare insurer in your country of residence with a form Once you have received the form from HollandZorg, you use it to register with a healthcare insurer in your country of residence. Necessary medical expenses, on presentation of the following documents: In order that your medical expenses are taken care of, you need to formulairr the following documents to the caisse d’assurance maladie in your area:. What were you doing?

Home Money Personal tax Living or working abroad or offshore. Forum Adresses et Contacts Suivez-nous: Formulas to follow depending upon your situation. As such, you are entitled to medical care in your country of residence.

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