This instrument is made for measuring atmospheric pressure with the scale in hPa and the venier which can read to 1/10 mm. Since this precision fortin. INTRODUCTION. The Fortin barometer is the most widely used type and can be found in many industrial laboratories, workshops, classrooms and. A wooden wall plaque supports a brass outer casing which protects the glass barometer tube and wood and leather cistern. A brass screw provides the means .

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Figure 1, The anatomy of a Fortin Barometer.

The operation can be repeated several times if necessary. User Account Sign in.

Fortin Barometer

The stopcock on the trap is opened momentarily to remove some air from the barometer tube. The major disadvantage is the cistern and the mercury it contains require barometet cleaning to maintain the instrument’s accuracy.

Arrangement used for filling barometer with a vacuum pump. Normally distillation is not necessary.

Fortin Barometer

After thorough pumping, the tube is sealed off in the flame and the instrument reassembled. The cistern C has a lower brass section containing a barommeter bag, the capacity of which can be adjusted by the screw W. To achieve this the mercury surface should first be lowered until it is clearly below the fiducial point F.

The barometer is designed to read correctly at 0 deg C.

Fortin barometer

The vacuum presents a challenge both from the point of view of the difficulty in establishing it and from the difficulty of verifying its quality. At the upper end of the instrument, the barometer tube T passes into the brass scale housing D.

The space above the mercury in T contains a Torricellian vacuum. Fortin barometer Fortin barometer Fortin barometer Fortin barometer Fortin barometer Fortin barometer Fortin barometer.


The barometer tube itself should not be lifted at all at this stage, but should be secured by the lower clamp vacated by the brass housing. For example, an uninsulated thermometer hanging in air near the barometer will probably be warmed much faster by the presence of the user than will the barometer – leading to temperature and hence pressure measurement errors.

The Fortin Barometer was commonly used at meteorological stations to measure atmospheric pressure.

Fortin Barometer | SPM Physics Form 4/Form 5 Revision Notes

NPL collaborates with leading national and international organisations to ensure our science achieves the highest possible impact. Restoring and Using a Fortin Barometer The Fortin Barometer is the most widely used, and generally most accurate baromdter mercury barmoeter and while the use of mercury is still permissible, will remain the primary absolute instrument for calibration purposes and in all circumstances where a dependable, precise measurement of atmospheric pressure is required.

Operating Sequence Mercury barometers must be firmly supported, made vertical and given time to adopt ambient temperature before baromter to use them. Mercury barometers must be firmly supported, made vertical and given time to adopt ambient temperature before attempting to use them. The seal between the cistern glass and the flanges is provided by leather washers.

The screw W is adjusted until the surface of the mercury just touches the point of the ivory pin. The emptying of the barometer tube can be accomplished by carefully removing some mercury from the cistern using a hypodermic syringe, and then lowering the mercury level using screw W to a point just below the opening of the barometer tube T.

When the setting is correct there should be no more than the slightest dimple where the fiducial point makes contact with the mercury surface. This requires care and precautions to be taken for the collection of mercury and the safe handling of it.


Proper setting can be aided by making small ‘pecking’ head movements to ensure that both cursor edges just meet the meniscus. The mercury level can be raised again W and some removed using the syringe.

The barometer is once again mounted on its gimbal support.

Calculation of pressure from Fortin barometer readings where: A Zirconium Oxide Detector for Oxygen. Setting the Fiducial Point Fortin barometers only Schematic of Fortin barometerThe lower mercury surface in a Fortin barometer has to be set to a datum level before adjusting its vernier see schematic diagram and the accuracy of pressure measurement depends baromeeter upon proper setting.

A vernier scale V is adjustable by the screw Y. The level of mercury in the cistern is topped forti and the process repeated until the mercury will no longer rise further in the tube. With all the mercury removed, the components of the barometer can be carefully baroketer. Conceptually, it is a simple matter: The trap fills with mercury during this process.

The screw Y is then used to bring the lower edge of the Vernier V to a point exactly level with the top of the mercury meniscus. Restoring the Vacuum in a Fortin Barometer The quality of the Torricellian vacuum is the most important factor controlling the accuracy of a Fortin Barometer.

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