Solarne ćelije koje smo videli na prethodnim fotografijama se takodje zovu fotonaponske ćelije (ali, nisu sve fotonaponske ćelije i solarne. Transcript of FOTONAPONSKE ĆELIJE. FOTONAPONSKE ĆELIJE Solarna energija. Katarina Martinović i Iva Radman, 2. rt. Full transcript. Ključne reči: nanomaterijali; solarne ćelije; fotonaponske ćelije; elektrohemijsko taloženje; iskorišćenje pri konverziji. Nanotechnology applications in solar cells.

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Advantages of Fotonaponsk technology are that it is relatively clean technology. Because PV solar cells have a positive impact on the environment, and its use reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Diagram showing the theoretical efficiency utility depending on the energy threshold energy barrier for photovoltaic solar cells The figure shows that some semiconductor materials used in making photovoltaic solar cells use different parts of the spectrum of solar radiation Concentrating photovoltaic solar modulPri photoelectric effect only part of the photons can cause the photoelectric effect.

What the fotonaponskoj technology burden on the environment is the production of PV cells, and the use of toxic materials such as cadmium. Sve do nedavno Energija vezanja predstavlja energiju kojom je elektron vezan za atom u nekoj od atomskih veza.

Fotonaponskr participated with In Croatia, most PV cells can be seen as sources of supply of parking slot, or a calculator as an auxiliary power source. So far, the usefulness of PV solar cells to about forty percent. It has high absorption and the required thickness of only a few microns to absorb the sun’s rays.

Valence electrons are associated with celijee atom, fotonaponsske the free electrons can move freely. Czochralskijevim process or technology floating zone Eng. It is relatively insensitive to heat compared to Si cells, and the radiation.

Also there are several technologies making PV cells. Light is a particle and a wave. Due to the high price is used in space applications and systems with concentrated radiation which saves on the cells. The equation that fotonaponskf this process as follows: This is best illustrated by the fact that during the recovery of the energy fotonapinske to produce PV cells of crystalline silicon is about 3 years. The photoelectric conversion PN spojuDa get electricity photoelectric effect should be directed fotoelektrona motion, or electricity.


The process of obtaining silicon as the most common material they are made of photovoltaic cells is very energy demanding.

Solarna fotonaponska energija

Prema kvantnoj fizici svjetlost ima dvojni karakter. Optimalno je da iznosi oko 1. Since these new materials are very expensive, the sunshine, the optical system of mirrors or lenses concentrate on small areas of expensive photovoltaic cells. But efficiency of amorphous cells is much lower compared with other types of cells. Photon energy depends on its wavelength or the frequency. So the mature technology of PV cells in a crystalline semiconductor thin film.

File:Viseslojne fotonaponske solarne celije princip.png

Therefore fotoelektroni and cavities in semiconductors, accumulate at opposite ends and thus produce an emf. Market Development [edit] When it comes to PV energy market mean the installed capacity of solar cells in a region or the world.

Optimum rotation of the panel toward the fptonaponske is always best to get panels to the south with the ideal angle of inclination, depending on geographic location and time of year.

The process of conversion is based on the photoelectric effect discovered by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz th Mr. In fact, one of the most common application of PV solar cells is the power supply devices, industrial facilities, homes where there is no electricity in locations that are remote from the power system or a photovoltaic system is cheaper to build than to build installations for the supply of electric power systems.

Couples who incurred the impoverished area or are attracted fotoonaponske him, and it voids the P side of the semiconductor, the electrons of the N side of the semiconductor.


Other energy that is not converted into electrical energy is mainly converted into heat and thus warms the cell. In this way the PV cells are effective at very little or no profit.

If you put a thin film of silicon on glass or other substrate to be called amorphous or thin layer of cells. The impact on the environment [edit] The work PV solar cells virtually fotonalonske burden on the environment.

FOTONAPONSKE ĆELIJE by Katarina Martinović on Prezi

Za izradu tako velikih kapaciteta bilo bi potrebno vrlo mnogo materijala. Photovoltaic solar cells in Croatia are among the preferred sources of electricity. When the sun is very high in the sky summerits rays travel through the atmosphere faster at shorter distances, than when the low in the sky winter. A place that gets lots of sun in the 9th months could be shaded from November to January due to obstacles trees, chimneys, roofs, etc. For some materials there are different limits of the energy of photons celime can cause the photoelectric effect.

In order for the valence electrons created free, he must get the energy that is greater than or equal to the bonding energy. Benefits of multicrystalline silicon are lower capital investment for production wafer, the greater utilization of the silicon wafer due to the use of square, which provide greater active surface of the module compared with a circular or quasi-circular form monocrystalline wafer.

Types of PV cells are semiconductor crystal: Devices that are taking place photovoltaic energy conversion are called solar cells. Linking cells in a celike whole [edit] Linking cells can be derived in two ways:

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